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Matt’s my best bud and the coolest Heavy Metal rocker I know….can I join the band…can I…. can I Matt? PPLLEEASSSEEEEE!!!!!!


Matthew, as you know, I’m a working dog and currently unemployed.  ‘Contractor’ would look great on my resume and I could carry your T-square.  How about it?



Lisa don’t you think I should be included in your blog ‘ ‘?


It’s time for me to go to school.  Woodbury would be a good place to enroll…lot’s of grass and those beautiful Ginkgo trees Jeffery planted…..  What about it Rose & Ken?


Francisco you’re my pal….I love to help you garden!!!


Carol, I do wish you wouldn’t leave Duchess in the car….we could be such goooood friends!


Ann, I share your love of all things horticulturally speaking that is.  Anything green is good in my puppy book so why am I always being told ‘LEAVE IT’?!  Pardon my while I pee….it’s just that I’m glad to see you….


Tom I’m not a Japanese Akita so I can’t relate to the Calligraphy…but I’d visit class just to see Lynne!


O.K. where are the girls?


Kc I’ll go home with you and be a really GOOD girl…promise!!!


It’s Laurie, Lynne and Kc…..

These girls get me sooooooooooo excited!


Monique, architecturally speaking I could sniff out some good spaces for you.  Maybe you could list me as your assistant on


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