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…..and Mom’s ready to party!


What a great idea…..the toothpicks are placed into a cabbage head.  Now why didn’t I think of that????? I wasted no time in devouring the pistachios which were from Iran and much, much better than what we have here. ( ‘Pistachio Vera’ is a small tree originally from greater Iran.  Impressed?)

And there was ‘nougat’ from Iran which is 100 times better than anything I’ve ever had (not so sweet.)   I could scarcely control myself.


Homa our lovely and gracious hostess….


Lisa and I were spellbound…….mom was in her element. Rex, thanks so much for taking this picture….don’t know how I missed getting one of you.


O.K., this really did give new meaning to ‘shrimp cocktail’.  I’m not sure what was added to the yogurt but the chopped apples were just the right touch.


Who is that hiding behind the candelabra????

Don’t you love the tulips?  (There were beautiful flowers everywhere!!


Let’s just call this chicken ‘Ambrosia’ and end it there.


Tacheen (Tachin) Rice….what a creation.  The crispy top is what everyone craves….oh my.  Love the top ….Saffron is the high note and pistachios make it a wonder of a dish.


I can’t believe I asked for seconds.  It was just so incredibly delicious I couldn’t help myself…honest!


This spectacular desert is hard to describe…the Rose Water in it was so refreshing.  But look at the top….Homa is truly an artist!


See those little cream puff jewels?  Homa makes them.  I mean who makes pate a choux???  It’s incredibly difficult to make.  These were so light and lovely they just evaporated in your mouth.


Predictably, I had seconds on the cream puffs.  Come on….who wouldn’t???


This tea was lovely….must find out where to get.


Great conversation, elegant surroundings and heavenly food.  Can’t top this one.

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