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……Our annual Christmas party is always so joyful and somehow Christmas would not be the same without it!

This blog is mostly for you foodies out there because after all, it’s all about the food….isn’t it???  Food prepared with LOVE of course!

Let’s start with desert.  This heavenly creation was made by Colleen and is a tower of whipped cream with delicious chocolate wafers……mmmmmmm good!


Colleen also made this delicious poppy seed creation, one of her mother’s famous recipes!


Candy and cookies galore and it was tempting to go straight to the sweets until Kathy’s ham was unwrapped.  Oh my, you’ll just have to get the recipe from her as she’s a master class at this and then with the sweet buns for the ham….deliriously good!


Spring rolls of course. (After all, this is a Chinese Brush painting class!)


Violet made the most delicious ribs but I don’t think I got a photo of them.  Say, what is Laurie going for? (she brought a salad but who brought the cream puffs and Panettone????)


What I know for sure is that Sandie brought the most delicious crab terrine from Julienne’s ….on Mission in San Marino, with a bag of their awesome Black Olive Parmesan toast….and another super cheese.  Oh boy!

I think this delectable spread was from sweet Diana.


And delightful Kaley, Kathy’s 13 year old daughter (going on 21) made a special treat just for me.  Panna Cotta…my favorite! Ohhh it’s sooooo good!


Among Kaley’s many talents, she is also designing a line of charming greeting cards…here’s just one.  Contact me or Kathy to see the others…..they’re just what you need to write a little note on.

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And so, from yours truly and the most wonderful students any teacher could ever hope for, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL with wishes for a beautiful year to come!

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