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……in Pasadena to launch the book tour for her latest novel ‘CHINA DOLLS’.  It’s just a good thing I got there a couple of hours early to save seats for Carol Soucek King and myself.  We had been there for the launching of ‘Dreams of Joy’ some three years ago and were well aware of the capacity crowd that would gather.  It’s beyond comprehension that Lisa has written nine books since the New York Times best seller ‘On Gold Mountain’.  She also did the libretto for the opera and with her cousin Leslie Leong* curated the exhibit at the Autry Museum.  What wonderful memories.

* Leslie’s father, Gilbert, was the architect for the East West Bank and one of my early patrons as well as a dear friend.  I still miss him!

Anyway, back to Vroman’s.  Here’s Carol holding up my copy of China Dolls along with ‘The Bees’ a book I’ll be telling you about later.


Carol knows the most interesting people and it’s always an adventure  and  such fun to be with her.

022 There were over 300 people at Vroman’s  and everyone was enraptured as they listened to Lisa.


At one point I was so moved I needed Kleenex!!!!


There was food of course and I took pictures (of course) but as it was much later when I finally got to the tables, it was dwindling. Loved the Spring Rolls.



It was terrific to have a chance to visit with Tai Ling and Kim, Tyrus Wong’s wonderful daughters there to support Lisa. It’s a huge family on her father’s side and I imagine quite a feat to remember everyone.


Kim got China Dolls for Tyrus for Father’s Day.

052 After so much chit chat I managed to be the last person in the very long line to have Lisa sign my book.050  I also got ‘Interior’ (the only one I missed) just because Lisa refers to it as the runt in the litter.


The rest of the week was pretty quiet…..’A Million Ways to Die in the West’ was a big disappointment.  Glad I didn’t get popcorn!


But going to Whole Foods always picks me up….


This little Cocker Spaniel begged to have Kita come out and when she did the rascal tried to bite her.  Wish I had a photo of the dog with a clump of Kita’s hair sticking  out of her mouth.  Kita just stared at him as if to say ‘Are you kidding me?  I had more than you for lunch!”


Not to digress but who else loves it when you get a double Yolk?


I missed Martin who stopped by to show me his artwork from Otis.  He just graduated and I’m so proud of him.  Special thanks for the treats Martin.


Now what is a week without cute stuff happening.  I came across this group at the same service station where Kita had her moment in the sun. They’re from the New York Film Academy. The darling blonde is Sophia Rose, actress, musician, businesswoman & recent graduate of the school here to help out her best buds.



How could I resist joining in??? Getting ready for my close-up!




Moving on, Kita got all beautiful at the spa!


Then it’s time for Calligraphy with Santien ‘Tom’ Chow.


I was soooooo happy to see sweet Bridget again!


Don’t forget to get some Peonies at Trader Joe’s….They’re just here for a short time & oh how glorious!!!


I think I’ll do a separate blog about this wonderful event.


To be continued………

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