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…..for Ralph Komai’s parents who are no longer with us.  They were Southern California pioneers in Bonsai and the Japanese Bonsai Garden at the Huntington Botanical Gardens would scarcely exist without them.

To honor Kay and Khan Komai, a memorial bench had been donated to the Bonsai area by the Baikoen Bonsai Kenkyukai, the California Bonsai Society and the Santa Anita Bonsai Society.  Ralph had not yet seen it and so after Brush painting class today, Danielle Rudeen, Jim Folsom’s top #1 assistant directed us (in my car) to the Japanese Garden.  It was a beautiful ride and even more so when we arrived and saw the Azaleas and Cherry Trees blooming.

IMG 6053

IMG 6017

Along the way we met Robert Hori, the Gardens Cultural Curator and Program Director.  You may remember I blogged some time back about Robert taking Ann Richardson and myself on a fascinating tour of the authentic Japanese Tea House a portion of which is visible here.

IMG 6019

 It was great fun seeing Robert again and of course you all know how dear to my heart Danielle is…..she has been my angel through the years of teaching Brush painting at the Huntington.  We always laugh about the Botanical staff being in trailers when we first met and my classes were held in the ‘Garage’ which is now the Boone Gallery!

IMG 6022

On we went to the Bonsai area….Danielle is leading the way to the commemorative bench.

IMG 6029

Approaching closer….

IMG 6052

I was so moved when I saw it and can’t begin to imagine the pride and sentiment that Ralph felt.

IMG 6040

IMG 6041

The natural stone is so exquisite and the way the pieces are placed it’s such an integral part of the area that it takes on a timeless feel.IMG 6045

IMG 6047

IMG 6048How wonderful to have had this quiet and moving viewing.

May your life be filled with precious memories.

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