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…..held at Valerie Foster Hoffman’s which immediately tells you it will be something grand and glorious! This one, featuring GRAYSE and the JEWELRY BAR was to benefit THE LEAGUE FOR CHILDREN.

Thoughtful Valerie had a Valet service waiting for her guests or, with so many people attending, we’d have to walk forever from our cars.

IMG 5222

Sign in please…..Perhaps you’ll win a prize!

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Lydia Conley is the Vice President of Retail and Sales for GRAYSE, the company formed by Kelly and Marie Gray who were the original founders of St. John Knits.

IMG 5227

How nice to see Mary, the delightful sister of artiste extraordinaire Peter Adams!

IMG 5225

Josie, in charge of all things delicious, is Valerie’s awesome Chef and that title is not encompassing enough for her.  Remember the lovely birthday luncheon she prepared for me?  Oh Josie you are truly gifted!

IMG 5236

IMG 5228

No, this was not for me.  My memory is that I asked for sparkling water.  Yes, I’m sure of that!

IMG 5237

One of the stunning models in a GRAYSE.  The outfit also comes in black.

IMG 5232

I used to be tall.22074929466 2828a77bb0 z

O.K., on you mark, get set……shop!

IMG 5242

With a little rest in between…..

IMG 5244

Let me tell you about this little number….

IMG 5245

Ryan Ryan (correct) is the nicest fellow besides being an amazing jeweler. Check out

IMG 5255

Here are some of his creations….

IMG 5269

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Lots of stylish outfits to choose from…..

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22118754845 359883ef49 z Original founders of St. John Knits and now the amazing GRAYSE line: Kelly is on the left and Marie Gray is on the right. In the center, beautiful Judith Mancini, creator of La Contessa Skin Care  and a walking advertisement for her line!

Kelly & Marie will be Judith’s guests on her insightful radio show ‘DISHING WITH JUDITH’ on iHeart radio.  (Google it.) This is something you don’t want to miss because Judith ‘dishes’ the details of love, sex, health, family, music, ART & more!!! #powerfulknowledge  You’ll be sooooo glad you did!

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Ryan Ryan adjusts one of his pieces……

IMG 5258

Hey, I thought I was the official photographer!

IMG 5263

Here’s precious Linda Bowling who later told Carol & me the most hysterical story about her husband Skip when he was a boy.  (Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me but that’s a clue!)

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When I told Peggy I was going to take her photo she said,”Oh no, I’m feeling like an elephant!”  So I guess that would make me a hippo!

IMG 5281

I was so happy dear Carol arrived just as I was leaving so back I went.  We had a chance to sit and talk ……..❤️

IMG 5278

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To make the afternoon complete, everyone received a gift bag containing a lovely silk GRAYSE scarf!

IMG 5289

It may be ‘All about da bass, ‘bot the bass,…’  But for me it’s all about the dogs!

IMG 5280

Wishing you a bow wow wowie week!

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