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 ….is just about the most glamorous, red carpet event in Los Angeles.

IMG 6549

  Nikka had a choice of three things to do for her birthday and picked this event!  It was so much fun seeing everyone glammed up and intermission in the Founders Room gave us a chance to fully take it all in.

IMG 6623

 The one and only  Placido Domingo starred as Macbeth and it was opera at it’s finest!

IMG 6580

 I think one of my favorite things to do is have dinner on the patio with Sandie Girl and just do our foodie best, relax and catch up.

IMG 6658

 Teaching brings me such great joy and a new student in the Huntington Botanical Gardens class asked, “Do you always have so much fun?”  Of course the answer was a resounding YES!

IMG 0811

 I’m so proud of Jeannie.  She had a major breakthrough and I  loved her painting. Yes, lots of JOY!

IMG 6685

 Time for dinner and Bobbas at Din Tai Fung at Americana and then Nikka and I went birthday shopping for mom at Nordstrom.  WOW, what a long day! Good thing we had the Bobbas!!!

IMG 6670

 Having the windows washed was on the list for getting ready for the Lissi Kaplan book signing in the studio.  This corner window area in the office is rather tricky.

IMG 6682

 Jimmy put this bamboo covering up to hid our neighbors all too messy area. Thank you Jimmy for the perfect solution!

IMG 6691

 This must be birthday month.  Even though Kc would rather keep it mum we had to get a cake and celebrate!

IMG 6704

 Congrats to Kayleen for her beautiful painting!

IMG 6711

 O.K., here’s the birthday girl with Sir Charles whose special day is coming up this Friday.

IMG 6721

Kristine relieves Nikka with mom so Nikka can be in the office at least two days a week and also get a much needed day off.IMG 6727

 Charles is always up for a good party!

IMG 6764

 Nikka is borderline TOO cute!  She got these balloons at Party City!

IMG 6744

 And have you ever seen a more beautiful cake????

IMG 6748

 That’s correct. 104 years of living on our beautiful blue planet! Happy Birthday dear mom!!!  We celebrate you.

IMG 6789

 May you have many, many years of joyful celebrations!



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