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I’ve decided that the month of love… of expressing love to those we hold dear… should continue throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is wonderful but maybe we need a special day each week, perhaps with different names, that we could send out special ‘love you’s’ to everyone. Maybe we could hold the special Valentine’s Day loveliness so strong in our hearts that we remember to be kind each day. I’m going to give it a try. It seems to be connected to mindfulness and if being sequestered has taught me one thing it’s being grateful for everything which is really mindfulness on steroids! That gratefulness is working out to be sort of a heart tenderizer and how grand it would be if everyone would resolve to live out their lives just that way!

I so love having a small part in Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon On the Spiritually Creative Life’.

I was surrounded on the ZOOM by beautiful Valentine’s flowers!

Afterwards Kita needed some attention…

Nature seems to demand attention in February so an arborist was called in to give the trees special loving attention.

Then it was time to pay some attention to my little patio. After having the rose garden planted the rock path needed additional river rocks and Noel brought his wife and brother to help.

I was quite pleased with the result so I asked them to please come back and do the other path. It would be impossible to communicate this to my regular gardener and besides, this really is extra stuff!

Bravo! Now on to the sprinkler man who will re-do this week. (Tearing up the soil for the new rose plantings really did a number on the drip hoses.)

The Crowdcast classes are such a joy to produce. We film in segments now to assure all relevant material is included and to also make certain the camera work is the best for each close up. A week after each class there is always a ZOOM for students to see one another, discuss the class and have me critique their work.

Along with filming process videos for Instagram and YouTube and classes, I worked on two commissions that were a joy to do.

Wishing you a life lived in full bloom!

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