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It’s hard to believe that I haven’t written anything for the blog since February…me bad! Honestly, it seems like last week which I guess is a good thing. Life is good, things are busier than ever and now before I turn around it will be May!

Where to start…..Thanks to dear Kathy Wong, Veronica got vaccinated and then afterwards we were treated to an amazing take home dinner from Mama’s Lu Dumpling House! So the Nan Rae Studio is fully vaccinated!!!

Special thanks to the folks at the L.A. Phil for all of the marvelous ZOOM programs for the Legacy Donors. How interesting that Gustavo is going to lead the Paris Opera. I know…pack us all in your suitcases!

I want to give a special shout out thank you also to the Center Theatre Group for the privilege of watching so many thrilling performances.

Kita always enjoys all of the varied programs…especially when there’s pizza!

After vaccination, the first outing was for brunch at Lovely Maggie Sharma’s.

March and April’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ hosted by Lovely Carol Soucek King were wonderfully inspiring as always.

Thank you dear Carol.

I was so moved to receive this exquisite book of Gayle Garner Rossi’s work after we lost her. What a beautiful, well lived life filled with the joy of Gayle’s wonderful paintings that fully expressed the life she saw around her. She will be greatly missed.

I really need a support group to wean me off of Amazon as I have no more room for books. This is just a bit of what I’ve ordered during the pandemic!!!

This was the last found spot to place a little bookstand! There really are ‘shelves’ in-between.

Oh…no therapy for ordering cookbooks, thank you.

Maybe I should also include art related books.

Quite a few trips to Amazing May at Chang’s Frame in El Monte! I had about 150 paintings (correct) from the past year mounted and chose frames for collectors.

A thrilling highlight of March was a private tour of the new area in the Chinese Garden at the Huntington.

I’m thrilled beyond description that Gary Shoup, author of ‘Suma the Elephant’ will be producing a new addition. I’ll have more details after a May meeting with Benjamin Darling, my publisher at Laughing Elephant Books.

My Crowdcast classes are beyond fun and it’s a joy to have students from around the globe joining in.
One student was going to throw away her wonderful painting until we worked together to solve the ‘issues’. It turned out so marvelous she had cards made from it. Bravo!!!

We do a storyboard before filming each lesson.

I don’t think we could add any more to the setup.

Thanks to dear Carol Soucek King, I didn’t miss a hug from the Easter Bunny this year.
Lovely Carol hosted a marvelous Easter Brunch at the Jonathan Beach Club.

Thank you my Precious Friend!

Later that day it was Easter dinner at dearest Claire and Patrick’s with their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who I just may dognap.

Sweet Sandie Reilly was the first person to visit the office/filming studio since the pandemic. Kita approved!

I had never been to a baby shower extravaganza before Lovely Marine’s given for Darling Eliza, her very, very pregnant sister.


Sweetest Alyssa, Marine’s adorable daughter.
Let’s hear it for the soon to be grandmother’s! They were having way too much fun!
Awwww….love this….Eliza with her mom!

And here’s Tyler, the man what done it!

A fabulous time plus I get to visit my artwork!
Along with most everyone else during the shut-down, lots of home improvement plus major, major garden stuff.

I think this one’s funny!

Most importantly…may we take time to find stillness.

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