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Delightful Carol Soucek King had the loveliest birthday party for Sweet Patricia Ferber, ceramicist extraordinare, outdoors at the Athenaeum. It was so much fun…a perfect evening.

Of course if we’re talking about parties we have to remember the hostess with the mostest…Valerie Foster Hoffman! This delightful affair was at the California Club!

About that time I was thrilled to get a call from brilliant Adriana, in town from NASA headquarters in Washington. We had such a great time catching up and then a spontaneous dinner with one of her scientist friends.

Of course the conversation had to go to our mutual love of K-Dramas. As you can see from the following photos, I’ve been watching way too much…No fingers left for rings!

Enough of that…back to birthdays and time for Beautiful Mary. We celebrated at Ca Del Sol…I love their little private enclosures. Whoops…we played ‘All Gone’ with the birthday cake!

There was a lovely evening for the Huntington Successors…

And a delightful time at the Heritage Society’s Fall Reception at the Huntington Botanical gardens….

I won’t even tell you about the week the plumbers were here…suffice it to say the duckies were safe!

There was a moving tribute and luncheon remembering Dr. Lawrence Dorr at the Annandale Golf Club…

It’s always such a joy and great honor to speak at Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’.

I must say, speaking on ‘Suma the Elephant’ with author Gary Shoup and his wondrous sister rang all the bells.

I read the story aloud and somehow managed to do so without crying.

Gary’s sister,Jeannie Seeley-Smith, President of ‘Perspectives’, spoke about the use of ‘Suma’ in her organization. Can you even imagine, Jeannie has raised over $100M in her goal helping homeless women and children.

A world of thanks dearest Carol, it truly was a JOY!

And capturing you and handsome Xavier made it all perfect!

The online Crowdcast Brush painting classes are so much fun…

And it’s just delightful when students come by needing help with creating greeting cards or as Tony did…help with his website!

Sandie Girl works on her Christmas card design and gift packs.

I learned a lot and had great fun at a Camarata Pacifica event in Hancock Park, giving us a taste of an upcoming concert.

What a wonderful afternoon with lovely Tricia…just imagine…she has traveled as much as Tania and actually been with tigers twice!

I had not been to the Music Center for two years but they sent me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Wishing you JOY!

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