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…began at the Peninsula Hotel. Thanksgiving was so delightful there so I booked another Villa for New Year’s planning on having a small party in the suite. Well, the best made plans…covid seemed to be in charge so the party plans were cancelled but not the stay. It would be a great adventure to bring in the New Year at the Peninsula!

This time the Villa even had a jacuzzi! But wait…there’s a fruit bowl…

And Champagne…

Not sure why but even Evian…

Wait for it…And Chocolate!

Of course Kita the Akita is always welcomed with her own bed, personal towel, kibble, water dish and may I add…pee pads!

Time to decorate the rooms…

And see dear Lissi’s hand painted china in the Living Room.

Just then dear Kathy messaged “could they stop by the house”. No need to drive all that way…

So cute…

Kathy and David I really do thank you for the bubbly and the lovely plant but these rubber duckies are the cutest and you know I’ll be putting these spices to good use!

No Kita, Chef Kaley made these exquisite Macarons for me!

I really do think it was wise to just sequester with room service…I know, how dreadful!

Even Kita was pooped by then.

After all, it was exhausting standing guard at the Jacuzzi!

Early morning breakfast and the Rose Parade…

Nine P.M. and time for puppy to bid farewell to her fans and head home.

Time to get back to work but first, dinner with Laurie Pie, bringing over her sensational garlic bread and salad. But first, Kita stands in line for some caviar!

We had so much fun after exchanging Christmas presents. I laughed so loud it hurt…especially playing charades!

Of course inspecting my new rubber duckies was in order.

It’s always a joy to see Curtis and Yi-lin. This time with treats from Porto’s and special hand warmers for me from oh so thoughtful Yi-lin.

Yi-lin is a dog whisperer. Kita adores him.

And so begins the gift of another year. May we find joy in each and every day.

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