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February is over almost before it began being the shortest of months. No matter, it was jammed packed with Love!

Bravo Tammy Huang-Anacleto, President of the East Meets West Parent Education Club on your 2022 Lunar New Year Gala “Rejoice & Reconnect” fundraiser on Zoom.

It’s quite gratifying to donate artwork and my books to this fine organization.

Bravo on a student’s winning The President’s Volunteer Service Award!

Happy Year of the Tiger!

I was delighted to introduce Lovely Maggie to Isabella Spadone, Dave Hanson’s illustrator for ‘Fuzzy Tales’ his charming children’s book that will be published in the coming months. Maggie, amongst her many talents has written two amazing children’s stories and needed an equally amazing illustrator!

What a joy it always is, bringing creative people together! Afterwards Maggie and I spent a delightful lunch time on the patio as I realized yet again how marvelous it is to be there, relaxing, listening to the birds and enjoying the little garden.

The guest speaker for February’s “Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life” led by Wondrous Carol Soucek King and facilitated on Zoom by brilliant Curtis McElhinney was uber talented Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong, Head of the Docents in the Huntington’s Chinese Garden. Nino gave a masterful talk on the new wing of the Chinese Garden and had her audience enthralled. Bravo Nino!

Once again I was honored to give the Meditation for February’s theme which was Growth.

Another fascinating Zoom in February was the Zamorano Clubs presentation with guest speaker Carolee Campbell speaking on Ninja Press, her fine publishing company. All of her books are hand made & designed by Carolee… fascinating! I will be their guest speaker on March 2nd.

Another equally fascinating Zoom was Sherry Dewane’s ‘Play Review’ with guest speaker NJ Wight, famous Canadian wild life photographer. I’m also entranced with her adorable Schnauzer Pluto who has his own charming Instagram page (

Now weren’t we all enthralled with the Olympics, especially Nathan Chen.

But perhaps way too much drama. I broke it up by having a delightful dinner with dear Tania at Santuari.

And mealtime at home is always a great diversion… especially with Kita supervising.

Can you believe I haven’t been to a grocery store in over two years? A trip to Trader Joe’s almost put me in shock. It was wonderful but thinking about all the time it takes makes me really appreciate getting everything delivered. How about you?

One of the greatest joys in February or perhaps of any time was the great dinner at El Portal in Pasadena. Dear Carol Soucek King treated the presenters for February’s Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life, especially guest speaker awesome Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong!

It’s always great fun with Curtis and Yi Lin. As I’ve mentioned, Curtis does the technical side of the Zoom for Carol’s Salon and if you ever need a photographer or a videographer… he’s your man!

Oh my gosh, the Super Bowl. How fantastic was that? Go Rams!!! And what a great halftime show.

A week after each Crowdcast Brush painting class, I do a Zoom for the participating students in order to see their work and critique it.

I use an iPad for that and with an Apple Pencil I am able to make suggestions.

Finally… let’s get to what February’s really about… Valentine’s Day!

And best of all…dear Amy came by…

But wait… there’s more! Lunch with precious Mary at Ca Del Sol in Toluca Lake.

Then back to Ca Del Sol to be with dear Alice. It’s so heart warming always to watch her respond to my work.

Time for a cuteness overload at precious baby Ysabelle’s Agra Hadig, ‘1st Tooth’ Party!

Speaking of parties, Maggie the Magnificent gave an amazing, authentic Indian dinner singlehandedly creating sooo many complicated dishes.

Meanwhile on the home front, Kita the Akita is now getting home cooked meals thanks to Xavier and our dear Carol Soucek King.

This was so wonderful to see on Instagram…

As the month drew to a close it was a great joy to see Lizzie Girl at Bloomies for the 1st time in two years! We were disappointed they were unable to make our traditional Smoothies. Love that scarf Lizzie!!!

As always, I loved presenting the Brush painting class on Crowdcast. This month we studied the Cattleya Orchid and Sweet Violets! Next week there will be a Zoom for participating students to show me their work for a critique.

Wishing you beautiful, clear skies and joy filled days!

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