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Dearest Izabela and Wayne delivered a touching Easter blessing with these beautiful flowers.

That really inspired us to begin creating little gift bags for everyone who would be at delightful Carol Soucek King’s Easter gathering. Along with the boxes of Nan Rae Fine Art Easter cards we had ordered chocolate Easter eggs from William Sonoma but were crushed to see they had melted in transit. Fortunately See’s saved the day and we were even able to get Easter egg lollipops!

Easter morning brought such joy…

Is anyone else addicted to Peeps? Now that they are sugar free I can freely indulge!

Time to be off to dear Carol’s…Isn’t this the cutest sign-in ever??? Our bags of treats are also filled with cookies because you never have enough!

Many colorful Easter eggs were spotted along the fantasy walkway that I love for the beautiful trees that lead to the pool area. More on those later.

Finally, going around the bend, we spotted a table with cute bunny baskets that would be used later…

Veronica delivered treats to Curtis and Yi Lin…

Did you know that Harry and David also have yummy pizzas, carrot cake and lovely trays of dried fruit? Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong made the most delicious Chile Relleno. Note to self: Must get recipe!

Sweet Patricia brought lovely decorated chocolate Easter eggs for everyone.

It’s always a party with my two favorite peeps… Curtis and Yi Lin!

Yes, I made them do it but isn’t this the cutest???

Brilliant gallerist and delightful person Danielle Villicana D’Annibale with her most kind hubby Maurizio.

Are you wondering what all those little bunny baskets were for? Our beautiful hostess told us there were 85 eggs planted around her estate and there would be a prize for whoever collected the most eggs. Xavier would supervise.

We were cautioned that all must be retrieved as the chocolate hidden inside would be, as you know, most harmful to Xavier. Off we went…I love this walk…

Can you believe that even with three teenagers there, Dean Le Grand Carlston, DDS and and Suzanne Jaffe Stillman captured the most eggs!

…and won the prize Bunny!

Oh well, it didn’t matter, we all had a marvelous time!

Including the two ducks who flew in just in time to party!

I got so inspired by all of dear Carol’s red Geraniums that it will be the subject for this month’s Crowdcast class as I’m off to Armstrong’s to get some!

And so we came to the end of a perfect day. A world of thanks dearest Carol!

The very next evening there was a Huntington Successors event, “Growing a Garden of Possibilities.”

I was delighted Amy and Veronica could be my guests but they are both so camera shy they drive me crazy!

It’s always a joy to see Nicole Cavender, the new Botanical Director who is as sweet as she is brilliant! (Did I just shrink?)

Nicole was the featured speaker along with Elee Wood, Director of Education for the Huntington.

We had lots of yummies and drinks before the presentation.

Then it was off to the conversation with Nicole and Elee giving an informative inside look on the Huntington’s future plans, inspiring education and sustainability.

It’s always a joy to see brilliant Robert Hori, Garden Cultural Curator for the Huntington.

…And thrilled to welcome new Successor Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong with Yoshida Hideyuki, Japanese Garden Specialist.

The lovely evening ended with delicious sweets, tea and coffee.

There’s more exciting things coming up but for now…I think I need a nap!

May you find beauty and lots of treats each and every day!

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