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I absolutely love going to Prosecco Trattoria, the charming Italian restaurant in Toluca Lake.

As one of the reviewers said, “Prosecco is filled with kindness, warmth and delicious food!” I have so many wonderful memories through the years but mostly it’s because, just like the song for the sitcom Cheers, “Everyone knows your name!” It’s absolutely true and you are always greeted like a long lost friend. Eric says it’s because “that’s the way he would like to be treated.”

It was easy to decide to take dear Tania to Prosecco as a special thank you for her amazing special dinner. I have to show you some of the marvelous food we had. Of course, for the table…bruschetta with fresh buffalo mozzarella and the finest bread I’ve had in ages. Also, the 3 savory meatballs with yummy house marinara that I neglected photographing being sooo ravenous!

Tania had roasted corn chowder with prosciutto crackling that was so good I ordered one to go! I had the caprese with their wonderful fresh buffalo mozzarella. Sooo yummy!

Next Tania had the salmon, Veronica had miso mare grilled tiger shrimp, calamari and bay scallops with house marinara on linguini. I had grilled tiger shrimp on parmesan polenta that was so delicious I couldn’t wait so…no photo!

Their bread pudding is fantastic but I only had room for fresh fruit and perhaps a brownie?

Early morning meeting with dear Maryam and Adrian Spence, Founder and Artistic Director of Camerata Pacifica. Get the coffee!

Many of you know dear Violet from the studio classes and also from the calligraphy classes. She’s retired from teaching now and working on the most interesting project with her friend Mary, a retired principal and genuine bibliophile. They needed Veronica’s help with figuring out their new program and getting started. No surprise…everyone needs a Veronica.

After that we visited in the studio and had some time for a wonderful conversation.

Violet had planned the day to include an amazing treat for dinner, visiting her friend Jeffrey’s restaurant Iki Ramen on Western, right off of Wilshire Blvd.

This is definitely a foodie alert as I have never experienced such a meal. Violet had ordered ahead of our arrival and I’m sorry to say I don’t know most of what all we had but it was all heavenly! Reservations are available only for Omakase and if you want a table I suggest being there at 5:30. This was the yellowtail carpaccio.

I do know this was soft shell crab and without a doubt, the most delicious morsel I have ever had! I don’t think it’s on the menu.

Wonderful miso…

I’m pretty sure this was the special order of wagu beef and salmon roe. Also not on the menu.

Shio Koji ice cream that tastes like salted caramel. Absolutely the best I have ever had. Quite a surprise.

A world of thanks dear Violet for a most memorable experience. We were sated and oh so happy!

Last year and now this, wonderful Danielle arranged for a private tour of the Rose Garden at the Huntington. I was delighted to see Cris Lutz who was able to join us for a bit and of course, what a thrill to have Tom Carruth, Curator of the Rose Collection guiding us throughout!

Thank you dear Cris for the very special birthday gift!

Off we went with our first stop a special look at the Cycad area with the amazing Gary Roberson, Cycad Specialist telling us so many interesting things.

I learned so much…now to remember it all!

Then it was on to the Rose Garden. By the way, the tea room is being completely refurbished and should be ready in December.

After all that touch of heaven I needed to get some plants. The plant sale was just over but I was able to get a Phillis Diller rose which will be a very bright gold with red/orange. The prize for me was this James P. Folsom Phalaenopsis that will be treasured!

Great fun seeing David MacLaren, Curator of the Asian Gardens and long time friend.

Did you know the Huntington has a falconer? Here he is…Alberto Arceo and does he ever love his raptors, especially Francesca and Maximo!

Thank you Dear Danielle for a day that will long linger in my heart and memory and a world of thanks for being my angel for so many years at the Huntington.

What a wonderful month that ended so beautifully. Carol Soucek King, my always elegant, most stylish friend and I were invited to lunch at Avra in Beverly Hills by our dear mutual friend who, sorry to say, is camera shy. Here’s Carol seeing our most shy friend!

We were both gifted with exquisite Phalaenopsis and lunch was so yummy I missed photographing half of it in my excitement! Absolutely love Avra!

Kita always knows dear Carol will have a special treat for her!

That’s pretty much it for April except for a very special day that really should have it’s own post. I wish you joy filled days!

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