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Lovely Maggie stopped by with birthday wishes….books and homemade Biscotti! Kita was sure she came for her!

Center Dance Arts had the most marvelous Salon in Beverly Hills with guest speaker Elizabeth Kaye who spoke on “The Choreographic Genius of Wayne McGregor and the Dante Project.”

There were yummy nom noms catered by the Patina Group with Bernard Pichereau, Director of Catering Services supervising.

Not only was this one of the most elegant homes in Beverly Hills but the Asian art collection was most interesting.

Sorry for the room reflection.

I had my choice of Laurie Pie coming over or going out to celebrate. Easy decision!

The garlic bread always tips the scales!

Laurie got me not one but two Caftans and we laughed so hard it became the gift of laughter as I told her they were so her and not me!

No matter, Laurie made the dessert and brought candles….

Meanwhile Jhonny planted flowers for the butterflies along with corn, pumpkins, okra and more radishes. Plus, more celery!

Next the flower seeds from dear Carol Soucek King were sown!

It seemed just right to close out beautiful May with more birthday joy with Veronica and Amy at Merois, Wolfgang Puck’s newest.

Most importantly…the nom nom food! Here’s Hamachi Tartare.

Yummy Crispy Rice Crab Salad.

Merois is known for its Crispy Peking Duck and it did not disappoint. I could have done without knowing the poor ducky was from Pennsylvania which the server told us when presenting it before carving. The Kurobuta Pork Belly is to the right. I’d be a Vegan if I wasn’t such a carnivore!

Not one but three desserts…a necessity! (You already saw the ‘Happy Birthday to Me’ chocolate wonder.)

Here’s the Spikey Lemon (Kalamansi Cake, Yuzu Curd, Crunchy Meringue)

Marjolaine Cake (Hazelnut Dacquoise, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Pistachio Ice Cream)

The face of contentment!

We had so much fun…

Entering June I send you all my love from a heart filled with gratitude and wishes for your joy!

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