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That’s right, don’t laugh…haven’t you noticed how the days are flying by? We’re into the second half of the year and the train doesn’t seem to be slowing down! However, I will say that ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ at the Ahmanson was a perfect way to begin July. It was a brilliant production of a very deep and meaningful topic with skilled actors and an interesting set. Thank you Center Theatre Group!

Guess who Veronica spotted in the audience. I have the funniest story on that one!

While the Founder’s Room in the Ahmanson isn’t as grand as at the Dorothy Chandler, it’s always great to have a quiet intermission nursing a hot chocolate and cookies!

I always look forward to Lovely Marine’s Fourth of July party especially as it’s never on the 4th so I can continue my own grilled cheese tradition!

It’s such fun to see the view from a different aspect.

Marine’s parties are always so grand yet completely relaxed and definitely family style. The burger station is always a winner!

But look at this…

I used to be tall…and considerably thinner I must add. Lovely Marine said it’s because of my flats…so kind. Here we are with neighbor Stephanie in red.

This is soooo sweet. Gracious host Aram with adorable daughter Alyssa.

Hard to believe that Eliza’s precious Ysabelle is already one year old!

I must say Danielle Villicana D’Annibale is absolutely amazing…a true force of nature. Her presentation at Maxwell House of the ‘Paradise for Artists’ grand vision of an equestrian monument honoring Giorgio Vasssari by sculptor extraordinaire Christopher Slatoff in the city of Arezzo, Italy was outstanding. Elaine and Peter Adams were on hand attentively listening along with Christopher and you can see master cinematographer Curtis McElhinney who memorialized the event.

Great fun seeing Sweet Patricia…

I’ve been wanting to do a blog on Christopher’s studio so it was great fun to see a preview after the Maxwell House event. Artist and professor Ruth Weisberg was the keynote speaker earlier.

If Danielle and hubby Maurizio aren’t the cutest…

O.K., time for a little fun and frivolity on the patio with dear friends Bonnie, Carol Soucek King, Curtis and Yi Lin!

And oh yes, Kita the Akita!

As always, Inimitable Carol Soucek King’s ‘The Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ based on the month’s theme of ‘Understanding’ was inspiring. Xavier Izquierdo’s brilliant presentation of ‘Understanding Through Sympathy: Materiality from Gothic to Modern Architecture’ led the way.

The music by Dean LeGrand Carlston, Doug Decker and Susie Kathryn Shaw added so much to the beautiful presentation along with Kathleen Travis and Jan Muntz who both spoke so eloquently..

Right after the ‘Salon’ I dashed over to Eliza and Tyler’s for a birthday bash for one year young Ysabelle.

Too cute!

Sated with birthday cake and pizza it was time to go to El Portal where our lovely and most generous host Carol Soucek King treated her presenters to a joyous celebration.

Thank you dear Carol for that and for introducing us to delightful Clara and Tavo.

The next day Sweet Lynne came over and brought nom noms from ‘Rock’N Sushi. Since Lynne always brings Kita a Greenie we have one crazy dog chasing her about!

Behave Kita…no ice cream for you!

Have to share Intern Sophies cuteness….note the shoes!

Always wonderful to catch up with dear Alice…Ca Del Sol is a convenient half way spot for both of us! (Note the scarf!)

One of the absolute highlights at the Music Center was the Technical Rehearsal for Pacific Northwest Ballet.

My only complaint…and it was major…is that the company was only in town over the weekend.

I loved everything about it. The music, sets, lighting, especially Twyla Tharp’s ‘Waiting at the Train Station’…oh, we loved the train too!

Afterwards Amy, Veronica and I went to Kendall’s Brasserie for some much needed nom noms!

Well that’s about half way through July …I’m beyond description grateful for each and every day and I wish you so much joy and delight in being on our little blue ball! May your harvest always be plentiful!

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