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Thank you Amazing Debra Beadle from the Music Center for including me in such a magical evening. I’m embarrassed to say I had not been to the Hollywood Bowl since Charles and I were dating. Well, no surprise as I always thought of the impossibility of parking…walking…perhaps hiking! Anyway, with dear Debra, not to worry, there’s valet parking…

…and the special treat of being in the Music Center’s box…right up close and personal.

Dare I mention being treated to dinner…

There was even wine and the yummiest of desserts!

It was great fun seeing elegant Terri again and meeting new friends.

Can you believe…even my favorite thing…popcorn…oh, and coffee!

The concert was lovely and now I’m afraid I’m really spoiled. Oh dear…

Well, best get down to earth and back to work! Every once in a while the artwork has to be re-sorted and double checked which means there’s piles of paintings everywhere!

I had a ZOOM meeting for the students who attended the Crowdcast class on painting the White Magnolia.

I use this iPad to ‘draw’ marks when critiquing.

The second ZOOM for the day was with my wonderful publisher Benjamin Darling at Laughing Elephant Books. We’ll have exciting news real soon.

After that Veronica and I decided to go to Bacari at Americana for nom noms. I’ll just show you two! There was also Pork Belly, Bone Marrow and yummy Shrimp! Oh yes, the best cake ever!

Here’s the part you can just skip over. It’s the reason why you may not want to go for a walk about with me!

Did you think this blog would miss a birthday celebration? Birthdays are the very best excuse to get together for a delightful fun time and celebrating the amazing Nino Wong was no exception. President Thai never fails to deliver a wonderful meal.

The diner who took this photo had just declared us “The Most Fun Table Ever”…and we really were!

How’s this for cuteness…Sweet Patricia and photographer/videographer Curtis McElhinney never fail!

And of course our Elegant Carol Soucek King is always sublime!

I could be wrong so you’re going to have to help me on this one. I always thought ‘Moon Cakes’ were given as a gift but never eaten, just passed from person to person, rather like fruitcakes. Perhaps this was the exception to the rule because we ate them all!

I just love this little group! Does just standing make me look fat???

I always learn so much being with the brilliant Tom Backer, PhD. He knows absolutely everyone and has the most amazing adventures…hopefully he’ll write about them all someday. Dinner at Santuari was delightful as always.

Even this pup thought so!

Jhonny worked on an area that the gardeners rather mangled.

And Electrician Ron fixed several troublesome areas for me. Soooo grateful!

But mostly he comes by for Kita the Akita!

I’m so happy the doves have fledged…

May your moon always shine bright!

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