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Every year, on September 25th, Wondrous Carol Soucek King remembers my mother’s birthday with a delightful celebration. This year it was at the Jonathan Beach Club where we had the loveliest setting and yummiest food. It was a joy to have dear Susi join us! Can you feel the joy?

How can I begin to describe all the thoughtful things Carol always does to make the day so special…

This is a photo from one year’s celebration when we had dear Charles, and wonderful Romus, Carol’s amazing dad, along with Richard King and mom. Note the butterfly place card as they represent Rosella and lovely Anne Soucek!

Here’s the Emerson quote, ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ a favorite of mom’s that dear Carol saved from the remembrance party I had for mom. Every guest was given a live butterfly to release in Valerie Foster Hoffman’s beautiful garden.

I did mention nom nom yummy food and here’s just one of my plates. Oh dear, no wonder nothing fits!

Thank you dearest Carol for a day I shall not soon forget!

And this was the perfect sky driving home.

After that amazing day you can imagine what a joy it was for me to celebrate Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s birthday at Avra in Beverly Hills. I must say the cake we ordered was really terrific and how about that special cake topper?

Of course we followed through with the Butterfly theme.

And the food…

Thank you Sweet Susie Katharine Shaw, Awesome Susi McConaghy and Lovely Marguerite Marsh for helping us celebrate our Wondrous Carol with such joy!

On to the Colburn for Camerata Pacifica’s opening performance of the 2022-23 season.

There was a reception after the performance. I absolutely adore Amazing Kate Park as she totally gets the concept of going full out to live joyfully!

Irina Zahharenkova, a brilliant pianist from Finland and delightful to meet.

Can you tell how wild I am about Nicholas Daniel? You’ll never hear anyone else on planet earth bring out more expression from an Oboe! Besides, he’s beyond adorable!

I could not think of a better was to end September than to celebrate darling Charles birthday with Precious Lisa Bowman in town for just a few short days. Beautiful Lisa sang at our wedding and how grateful I am that she knew Charles so well.

May all your days be sweet and filled with joy!

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