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Beginning with Delightful Susi at the Belvedere at the Peninsula which was very belated as her birthday is actually August 24th! Time has new dimensions now…

Wishing you a whole year of happy days dear Susi! You even have an extra ‘E’!

Have you heard about “Twinning?”

Ready for birthday #2 the next day. Why it’s Laurie Pie!

In case you can’t tell, we’re at Din Tai Fung’s and here are some favorites…

Gotta get the dumplings…

This is my absolute yummy favorite….bbq ribs!

And these cucumbers are always so refreshing!

And of course…must photograph pups along the way!

The very next day, this precious group celebrated Sweet Patricia!

We were at Nick’s on Lake in Pasadena. It’s a fabulous restaurant that somehow had escaped me! We were upstairs in our own private space!

The restaurant event gave this terrific card to dear Patricia!

Just saying…”Eat dessert first!”

Then the next day I was honored to speak to the Philanthropic Educational Organization in the lovely home of Stephanie Miller.

After my talk it happened to be a favorite time…lunch time! We were so close to …you guessed it…Marston’s!

Love that place! Don’t we all remember Mary??? The food is still wonderful & getting the cheese popovers is always a treat!

Of course the “eyes roll back bread pudding!”

They have a nice outdoor area now so of course I couldn’t pass up these adorable pups!

I had discovered wondrous “Random Acts of Broadness” and owner/baker Randy posted this in his newsletter.

Kita is so happy to have our wonderful new neighbors. Maria stopped by with lovely Marine and sister Eliza, the day she received the key to their beautiful home. So very happy!

Of course a visit to the studio was in order…

That afternoon brilliant Karl Owens came to the studio to discuss the book for Valerie Foster Hoffman that he’s working on.

…and to show me his work soon to be seen on his new website.

I hope you get a chance to go to the Conrad Hotel DTLA. It’s a new favorite especially as Chef Andres is in charge of all of the yumminess. The Music Center’s Center Dance Arts had an event there telling us all about what’s to be enjoyed in the upcoming season.

There was so much food that everyone thought the first appetizers were it! Later came the salmon and who knows what. Love this centerpiece!

Just to show you a bit of the yumminess!

And don’t forget the nom nom French toast!

Fully sated it was time to listen to Awesome Rachel Moore, President & CEO of The Music Center!

I am totally in awe of this woman and her amazing accomplishments. No one could lead the Music Center better than Rachel Moore, truly a Force of Nature!

And of course I guess everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Terri Childs here with Amazing Debra Beadle.

I did tell you that I love the hotel and so it was time to entrepreneur around. The are quite dog- friendly so it’s possible to come here with Kita the Akita instead of the Peninsula. Or…perhaps not.

Because I didn’t eat enough…

Totally out of control at this point. This gelato came with a ginormous chocolate chip cookie! Fortunately I had the good sense to take it home!

Look who came over to woof on his new book!

Author Dave Hanson goes over the final details before launching Fuzzzy Tale, co-produced by Laughing Elephant Books and the Nan Rae Studio. Pure Joy!

Discussing social media content.

The studio is now open for early Christmas (I know) shopping so please do phone for an appointment.

There are many small paintings specially priced as they do make charming little gifts!

For example, this adorable little chick is going to a grandson who lives on a farm! How sweet is that!!!

Happy shoppers!

Bravo Adrian Spence, Founder and Artistic Director of Camerata Pacifica for another stellar Camerata performance at the Huntington.

It was especially delightful going with Lovely Maryam and hubby Kert.

We got a real kick seeing this therapy dog who really was into the concert!

Thank you Jhonny for getting the wonderful pumpkins!

When Jim Folsom, then Director of the Gardens at the Huntington, asked me to teach Brush painting there some 25 years ago, Danielle Rudeen, his wonderful assistant shepherded me from day one with anything and everything I would need. We always laugh remembering that the Botanical staff worked out of trailers then. I love Danielle so much and it’s always a joy to see her. Lunch in the Chinese Garden was no exception.

Delighted to see Cris Lutz and Lorena Patlan!

Awesome Tom Carruth, Curator of the Rose Collections, always gives me some amazing rose info. Construction on the historic Rose Garden Tea Room contrasts with the gardens tranquility but hopefully all will be finished in the coming year.

Is anyone else captivated by Praying Mantis? I could watch them for hours.

Always love time with cousin Ronald in town briefly but managed dinner at Santuari.

Thank you Center Theatre Group for the fun technical rehearsal of 2:22 – A Ghost Story.

Fascinating to hear British writer Danny Robins discuss the making of this play during a break in the Founder’s Room.

More Christmas shopping in the studio. Decisions, decisions!

So cute!

And a delightful visit by my precious new neighbors. Lovely Maria with kind hubby Varujan and absolutely adorable children Emilia and David! They’re all Kita approved!

Could anything be cuter?

Kita the Akita said “We’re going to have a whole lot of fun with these two. They’re just my size!”

Meanwhile I’m signing orders for “Walk With Me…In the Garden of Our Friendship” prior to the November 1st publication date. I so hope you’ll join me and Benjamin Darling, my wonderful publisher at Laughing Elephant Books for the virtual book launch on November 1st at 11:00 AM PST. You can register here.

While Kita the Akita waits to deliver packages to Michael the Mailman!

I can’t believe all this happened in two short weeks…but wait…there’s one more happening. Maggie Sharma’s wonderful dinner celebrating the one year anniversary of Kathy and Ralph Komai. Ralph has been a long time student in my Brush painting classes at the Huntington Botanical Gardens and in fact his family had donated most of the Bonsai in the Japanese Garden. There is even a bench there honoring his parents and Ralph and I walked over to see it when first dedicated!

Maggie always has a yummy cheese and paté spread.

Mireya was also a fine student in the class.

As was dear Diane who brought her brilliant and most kind husband David. Both PhD’s we had the most interesting conversations. Such lovely people!

Thank you dear Ralph for the delightful gift bags from your wedding celebration featuring your artwork. Shown here with “she who will not be photographed!”

Now for the nom noms!

So adorable!

I know this has gone on forever. I’m amazed at how many wonderful things can be crammed into two weeks. As always, it’s a continual joy walking with you in the Garden of Our Friendship!

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