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…in the Garden of Our Friendship,’ my third inspirational book published by Benjamin Darling at Laughing Elephant Books had its Zoom launch on November 1st!

Dear Carol Soucek King had suggested that I include the meditations that I present for her fine Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life and that became the heart of this third book.

It was so thrilling to see so many dear friends and online friends I have never known who joined in to the celebration.

With well over 100 registered it was difficult to see everyone.

Special thanks went to dear Lucia Moskal who edited this book so brilliantly and with so much love!

And of course, a world of thanks to awesome Judith Rochelle Nelson who is beyond supportive, ordering over a hundred copies of each book for her many friends.

Special thanks to Curtis McElhinney for the wonderful photo he took of me for the book’s “About the Author” page.

After a beautiful introduction by Benjamin, I spoke a bit about the books creation and then Benjamin and I answered some questions. Then it was time for the prizes! We had little slips of paper with the names of everyone who registered for the launch. You can see the grand prize, a print of the cover of the book.

You had to be present to win and I know some of the names I drew were so disappointed because they were not there although they had registered.

The three winners of “Walk With Me…In The Garden of Our Friendship” were brilliant David Bender…

The Kindest Man I know, Yi Lin Wu…

And Sweet Patricia Ferber who I don’t have a photo of!

Winners of the boxed gift cards containing images seen in ‘ Walk With Me…’ were Kathleen Travis…

and Violet Lee.

Susi McConaghy was the winner of the grand prize…a print of ‘An Exciting Day,’ the artwork on the cover of the book. That was absolutely amazing because Susi had been driving around in her car, trying to get a good signal! What perseverance! Bravo Susi!

I was so overwhelmed by all the love and send all my thanks to everyone who made the day so utterly beautiful.

We’ll be posting the Zoom event on YouTube if you’d care to watch.

Later that day, adorable Alexis and Dave Hanson came by to pick up their copy of Walk With Me…

Dave is an Emmy award winner, writer for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and he and Alexis have two of the fluffiest pups on planet earth! Dave was inspired to write a children’s book featuring Fluffy Lambert and Shy Dolly and when he showed me the draft I was so overwhelmed with delight that I brought it to my publisher. Benjamin Darling and I have co-produced this delightful tale which also launched on the 1st.

The receptions for the Huntington’s Heritage Society are always delightful.

It’s always a joy to see Cris Lutz and Robert Hori.

Robert’s the Gardens Cultural Curator & Program Director seen here with Donor Thuy Moss.

There’s always lots of nom nom treats.

How did I get so blessed? Look what arrived from Lovely Marine and Eliza her sweet sister.

Bravo Sherry Dewane, in charge of all things wonderful for the “Play Review Group” in bringing Patrick Quinn to be the guest speaker for his book ‘Bar Keeps…Cocktail Napkins’. What a lovely gathering and delicious lunch. Here’s Sherry with Wondrous Carol Soucek King. Special thanks dear Carol for driving!

Always delightful seeing Valerie Foster Hoffman here with Sweet Alyce Williamson!

What a joy sitting with brilliantly talented artist Joyce Motazedi!

With May at Chiang’s Frame, picking up 121 mounted paintings and selecting the perfect frame for ‘An Exciting Day’ limited edition print of the cover of ‘Walk With Me…’ won by Susi McConaghy!

At Santuari Restaurant in Toluca Lake with the incomparable Tom Backer…always most interesting!

Lovely Marine, so adorable!

Well it’s Saturday night and I was supposed to go to the Wende Museum’s 20th anniversary bash but the day just did not stop starting with the technical rehearsal for dear Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life.’

The shipping department was way busy as well…

Lovely Lydia drove up from Whittier to select artwork for her beautiful home! This work is ‘Heartbeat of Heaven!’

Two dramatic Bamboo paintings were also selected.

Of course, to find the perfect paintings that resonate with a collector, a lot of work has to be pulled!

About that time dear Curtis and Yi Lin stopped by to pick up their copies of ‘Walk With Me…’ and bringing yummy Porto’s treats! Kita approved!

And Lovely Stephanie picked up her copy as well.

This is the 26th year for Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’, and the third year to be on Zoom. This months theme, ‘Healing,’ based on Carol’s moving book ‘Under the Bridges at Arroyo del Rey’ was inspiring with guest speaker Dean LeGrand Carlston, DDS Moderator for ‘Thanksgiving for Healing’.

Dean was joined by Janet Martorello…

Pauline Field…

Bob Decker…

Doug Decker…

and Chikeola Karimou…

Lovely Susie Katharine Shaw sang ‘White Cliffs of Dover.’

Thank you Curtis McElhinney, ( for always facilitating the Salon os seamlessly!

That evening, Carol treated her presenters, her ‘Stars,’ to a delightful dinner at El Portal in Pasadena.

Nom, nom…

Wishing you many fun times!

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