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Bravo Adrian Spence, Founder and Artistic Director of Camerata Pacifica for the brilliant November concert at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

As always, brilliant pianist Soyeon Kate Lee was flawless!

Principal Percussionist Ji Hey Jung is truly a force of nature & her performance will long linger in our memories!

What fun to see one of my favorite peeps…the Brilliant Kate Park!

I love going to these concerts with dear Maryam and Kert because it’s so much fun discussing them on the way home!

Well the timing was not the best but California Closets had scheduled the office work months ago and re-scheduling would put things off into Tomorrowland! Jhonny way so helpful moving all the computers and printers into the living room.

Next day it was time for Alfredo from California Closets to use all of his skills putting the component parts together!

Bravo Alfredo!

Now the job of putting everything away! Well, let’s not think about that and enjoy the dress rehearsal for Tosca at the Music Center!

Sign in please!

It’s always wonderful seeing Steve Benson from the Music Center Foundation.

And of course Chris Johnsten from LA Opera! Have I shrunk?

It’s always a joy to attend performances when the students from LA Unified are there. Their reactions are always fabulous!!!

The very next day it was time to set up for the Huntington Holiday Market that evening. Special thanks to Jhonny for doing all the heavy lifting.

I loved seeing everyone and am so grateful for your loving support. Special thanks to Wondrous Carol Soucek King who never fails to support her friends (and they are many) 100%!

I was so happy dear Debra Beadle from the Music Center stopped by and introduced me to her wonderful hubby David. They’ll be taking classes from me in 2023!

It was so wonderful to be able to introduce Dave Hanson’s adorable children’s story Fuzzzy Tale which I’m so proud to co-produce with Laughing Elephant Books!

These three adorable children were mesmerized by the video of my painting!

What on earth is she talking about???

Thank you dear Curtis and Yi Lin for being beyond supportive and helping us close up shop. Along with Dave who carted out several boxes you really had a lot to pack up!

After a yummy dinner from Tender Greens Curtis played the piano and Veronica set up the new Karaoke machine…sooo much fun!

Stuffings started…time to make the cranberry sauce!

I can’t believe this was just one week as I thought this blog could contain Thanksgiving. Perhaps not, so I’ll just say to be continued and wish you so many blessings wherever you share this most wonderful time!

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