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First Mr. Turkey greeted everyone with a request to sign one of his feathers with a Thanksgiving statement!

Wondrous Carol Soucek King…

Precious Maryam…

Adorable Sam and Maddie…

Special thanks Precious Izabela and Wayne for the beautiful floral arrangement!

Veronica had great fun with the Thanksgiving decorations, prizes and games!

Thank you dear Dave and Alexis for this Yummyness!

Sooooo good! DM or e-mail me for the recipe!

Alexis borrowed ‘Dorothy’s’ shoes!

Perhaps I overdid it on the cheese table. Later on I remembered the two pâté I had forgotten!

Awesome Carol’s yummy Enchiladas were all I needed!

Before we sat down to feast there was bowling on the patio…with prizes!

Curtis’s adorable nieces Sam and Maddie won hands down…sorry Dave!

Sweet Patricia did a masterful job of carving the star of the show!

Last year’s Thanksgiving dinner at the Peninsula had us all trying to guess a country Dear Tania Norris had not been to. (Over 130!) Tania is a Disney Legend…Google Purple Wallpaper!

Tania’s famous cornbread and honey butter!

Tania got the most correct answers for Dr. Reilly’s Thanksgiving Quiz and won the main prize!

I do believe Curtis won the most ‘Bingo’ as he definitely got more than one prize!!

This was so much fun…poking swords into the pirate until he jumped out!

Sweet Patricia brought Cheesecake, Lizzie Girl sent a delicious Blueberry Coffeecake and jam from American Spoon and there was a special something all the way from N.Y.C.!

All right everyone, enough fun and games…it’s time for the tree lighting and trimming ceremony!

Kita the Akita supervised Curtis!

O.K. everyone…time for Karaoke!….But first, we had to watch BTS’s performance at the Grammy’s!

Sam & Maddie were the stars at Karaoke!

Wondrous Carol was sooooo adorable!

Patricia wins hands down while Curtis gets the Gelato prize!

Yes, this was the best, best Thanksgiving ever and the memory of it will long linger!

Back down to earth and time for Calligraphy class in the Nan Rae Studio with Master Tang!

Ubeer talented Diane Riska Taylor had her eye on this amazing Praying Mantis pin at the Huntington’s Gift Shop for five years until she finally got it!

Lizzie Girl and I love to meet for lunch at Bloomies and always get a strawberry smoothy which sadly was a victim of covid and cancelled….bummer. Now the machine that makes the smoothies is even broken and parts are unavailable. Horrors!

Sweet Lizzie picked up additional “Walk With Me…”

After being thrilled by world renowned Grammy winning soprano Angel Blue’s performance in Tosca, it was exciting to have the opportunity to listen to her personally.

But first…sign in please!

Chris Johnsten from the LA Opera is always so warm and welcoming!

As is Steve Benson, President of the Music Center Foundation!

Angel was sooo inspiring! It was obvious she is a woman of great faith who lives it daily!

It’s always a joy to see Sweet Alyce Williamson as she is an inspiration for giving to worthy causes!

What a lovely evening!

Thank you Jhonny for getting the studio Christmas ready for lovely Toni and Sandy’s Christmas shopping!

I couldn’t think of a more delightful way to end November than dinner at Santuari with Awesome Tania Norris. (I did tell you to Google ‘Purple Wallpaper’ didn’t I?) Thank you dear Tania for the marvelous treat!

Yes, this is caviar!

Their Pavlova is sooooo delicious I was too excited to take a picture! What a lovely evening!

So, November closes onto an exciting December where everything is all shinny and bright. We’re getting ready here and trust this month is joyful to the extreme for you!

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