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But wait…I always say that! It just seems celebrating gets better and better as I understand that living joyfully requires full cooperation regardless of circumstances. Besides, I think I’m putting in more of an effort…sort of getting with the program.

It’s always a joy delivering books and scarves ordered for Christmas gifts.

Curtis and Yi-Lin stopped by delivering for Santa, making sure to have something special for Kita the Akita!

Christmas Eve we stopped by to see dear Amy’s tree (and her too!)

Then Christmas Day, bright and glorious, time to head on out to the Jonathan Club for Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s bounteous Christmas Day celebration!

And here we all are…Curtis, Yi Lin, yours truly, Nino, Carol, Patricia, Evelyn and Veronica.

Veronica’s shoes got cropped…

I asked Santa if he’d been good!

I’m afraid I overdid it on the appetizers…

….because the entrée was ginormous!

Almost no room for dessert…The ice cream station was a real hit!

Wondrous Carol is so loved we were treated to champagne!

So joyous…

We were so happy Susie Katherine Shaw could make it!

I had to visit one more decorated area…

And then it was time to say goodbye… But wait…the wonderful train scene that used to be in the upstairs entry was now where we waited for our cars…

Thank you Wondrous Carol for a perfect Christmas!

Kita the Akita is relieved it’s all over…No more funny hat tricks for her!

I just love my adorable new next door neighbors, Maria & Varujan with adorable Emilia and David who stopped by with a Christmas gift for me and Kita the Akita.

It’s her absolute favorite toy and she moves it about everywhere with her!

Yoshida-san and Carlos were finally able to fit me in to their jammed schedule. The Juniper’s really needed their fine Bonsai treatment!

And to close a beautiful year…tea at the Huntington Garden’s Rose Court. Perfect!

Absolutely the most delicious scones ever!

And perfect toppings!

Soooo happy!

The Huntington was so crowded today, I’ve never seen so many people there. This huge bus brought folks from Northern California, Utah and even Nebraska. WOW!

Time to head home and start cooking for New Year’s Eve!

I am so grateful for the gift of this year and all the joy that was spread throughout. May 2023 contain all you could wish for and may living joyfully be your theme.

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