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began with Lovely Miriam Birch visiting the studio. Miriam is an Emmy award-winning documentarian for National Geographic and in fact she broke the glass ceiling for women writers and producers on TV. Her program ‘Save the Panda’ is the most watched show ever on public television! Howard Rosenberg, the journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner calls Miriam a renaissance woman and she is exactly that. Miriam’s memoir ‘Fancy Footwork’ is enthralling and we discussed getting it published.

It’s always delightful seeing Steve Benson, President of the Music Center Foundation and being treated to lunch at San Laurel, Chef José Andrés amazing restaurant at The Conrad was a wonderful beginning for the new year!

Do you believe this is a Caesar salad? Oh soooo good!

Yummy octopus…

This month the second Sunday came quite early for Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life.’

Janet Martorello opens each Salon with 30 minutes of peaceful Himalayan Singing Bowls.

The theme was ‘Stability’ and guest speaker Graham Lance Richardson gave us a marvelous walkthrough his adventurous life and how it grounded him and made him stable.

Dean LeGrand Carlston, DDS, sang his original composition “One Family”…

And Doug Decker graced us with ‘The Stable Song.’

Delightful Martha Draper Zoomed in from Enid, Oklahoma on the importance of community in helping to achieve a sense of stability.

Dear Carol is always so gracious in mentioning my books and scarves….

Lovely actress Susie Katharine Shaw sang the finale, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’

All of this is made possible each month by the amazing technical facilitator Curtis McElhinney….thank you Curtis!

It’s such a joy to see all of dear Carol’s ‘Salon Stars’ as she treats us to a yummy, cozy and delightful dinner each month at El Portal in Pasadena.

Lovely Carol mentioned Sweet Patricia reading her poem and here it is.


Frozen by the grief, reality, loneliness of less. 

Frozen and thawing, strange that it is the heart of winter, and the cold is thawing me. Could be the season, my favorite, it is Christmas time, and the joy of giving!

Lights, camera, I am starting to feel the “action” once more. 

We were all so very delighted to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kind Graham!

Thank you dear Carol, it was such great fun! And off you and ‘Good Boy’ Xavier go!

Mary Beth (, Kita’s trainer when she was just a pup stopped by and there was joy all around!

I love leaving the Christmas decorations up as long as possible but it was finally time for Jhonny to put all the toys away!

Sweet Eliza and Tyler came by with Precious Isabelle bringing treats from Sweet Lady Jane….so cute!

I was determined to get to the Life Cycles exhibit at the Japan Center. So delighted I didn’t miss it.

Mozza was sooooo close!

Fantastic Calamari!

I love bone marrow and this was the best!

Spicy meat balls!

Had to get the Meyer Lemon Gelato Pie!

Sweet Amy made my favorite Borscht and Kita thought it was for her!

Dave was here with Dolly and Lambert….Kita was excluded from the business meeting!

What a joy to be included in the surprise birthday party for dear Lizzie Girl at son John’s home here with wife Joy. Wasn’t it yesterday I was at their wedding?

And now here’s their adorable daughter, Finley Rose, growing up soooo fast!

Can you believe these two climbed the Himalayas???

Meet ‘The Butter Lady,’ Joelle Mertzel who invented the world’s only butter dish with an attached, flip-top lid!

I was thrilled to see Lizzie’s stunning Ink painting!

I missed Master Tang’s Calligraphy class in the studio because of the birthday party. Here he is writing out ‘Blessing’ for the Year of the Rabbit!

Debra and David set up their studio for Brush painting after their private class studying Bamboo. So very proud of them!

Bravo Nicole Gabriella Scipione for your film “Play Me Like That.” Great fun attending the HollyShorts screening at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX!

I was so happy Calligraphy student Craig was able to get this stunning ‘Dragon’ Ink Stone for his studio as he really has mastered the art form. We just have one left of this caliber with such excellent carving.

Kita was thrilled to see Ryan who she’s missed terribly since he moved away!

Well it’s been a wonderful, joy filled month and for you my hope is that you stay healthy, live your best life and remember that joy is the secret sauce!

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