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because we were sequestered for the first week missing the rehearsal for Marriage of Figaro and the Chinese celebration for the Year of the Rabbit at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. Kita the Akita was quite pleased with the situation as her friends came by to walk with her. Curtis and Yi Lin showed true Kita love….

And she definitely did not want them to bring her back in!

We were also given bags of food stuff to sustain life…I have to tell you those little oranges were such a treat!

Sweet Izabela came by with a huge pot of homemade chicken soup that contained just about everything one could think of. Soooo Good!

And then she insisted on walking Kita which gave me palpitations as they both weigh about the same…perhaps Kita is a bit more!

Sweet Amy brought needed fruit…

And dear Carol said that tonic water cures all!

Curtis returned and this time, realizing Kita is completely transactional, bribed her with a high value treat to come inside. Notice the scroll is gone…she killed it!

Kita, what on earth are you looking for? Can you say ‘thank you Dave’ for all the evening walks?

I thought not.

I told you Kita managed to finally kill this scroll after numerous attacks!

Wonder worker May at Chiang’s Frame says she can repair the damaged scroll but that we’d have to enclose the work in a frame. That would be best because Kita always manages to attack it and under glass it will be more difficult!

A little breather at Shutters on the Beach…Sometimes you just have to see the ocean!

I took advantage of the downtime and painted a four panel Wisteria. I just have to add my chop and then it’s off to May’s to have them mounted.

Well it was time to get back into the world and how better than ‘An Intimate Evening With the San Francisco Ballet’ presented by the Music Center and Center Dance Arts and held at the Colburn School.

Sign in please.

Peggy and Debra are always so delightful!

And Diane Morton gets my vote for the ‘Sweetest Woman on the Planet’!

Rachel Moore, president and CEO of The Music Center introduced and had a discussion with Tamara Rojo, the new artistic director of San Francisco Ballet.

We were treated to dance excerpts.

Afterwards there was a reception at Vespaio’s, right across the street from the Colburn.

And I got to talk a bit with Miriam Birch about her memoir.

And Terri Childs who is always a delight!

The pizzas were good but I opted to go home and continue watching ‘Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light’…

But first, aren’t these Olive trees beautiful!

Of course, dogs spotted along the way!

Absolutely wonderful seeing Benjamin Darling, my intrepid publisher at Laughing Elephant Books and friend Max. I was treated to dinner at Mijares in Pasadena where I had never been.

They make the Guac fresh at your table!

And the best Chile Relleno ever!!! (Also Chicken Enchilada)

The second Sunday of the month and time for Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ with the theme being ‘Growth’. Most people sign in at 9:30 to hear Janet Martorello’s Himalayan Singing Bowls!

I’m just in awe at how the Salon had developed and seems to get better and better each month. Of course the amazing presenters but it’s all possible because of Curtis McElhinney facilitating the ZOOM!

We can hear Dean LeGrand Carlston’s music on Sunday’s song by Dean was “The Garden.”

It’s always delightful when Graham Lance Richardson salutes all the month’s birthday peeps!

The Main presentation was ‘Growing the Beloved Community,’ moderated by Ruth Browde Sharone, interfaith activist and creator of ‘Interfaith The Musical’ ( with her guests Jay Speights, Dir. of The New Seminary in New York and Ibrahim Ali, Exec. Dir. of the Rumi Forum in Washington, D.C., who study the religions and beliefs of others.

Ruth asked : ‘What led you to your work in interfaith engagement?’

Pastor Jay said he had an urge to serve and that it’s important to listen to the voice within. I loved ‘The whole human family was made from one seamless garment.’

When asked ‘What do you see as the growing edge?’ Ibrahim said, ‘The Interfaith table should be immune to the political dynamic.’ Then Jay said ‘We all Have the Divine spark to communicate to the Voice of God within.’

Fittingly Douglas Decker sang ‘The Best Day’ which had everyone teary eyed!

Sweet Patricia Ferber shared her poem especially written for this Salon on Growth.

Do we measure growth by length,

do we measure it by height? 

Or does it come from watching, a bird in flight.

Does it come through life’s experiences,

not always making it about us.

Does it come from giving and compassion,

or by watching a leaf drift to the ground, through a ray of sunshine.

Growth is the garden we harvest daily,

filled with love and caring.

Planted with spiritual understanding.

By watching  flowers blossom.

MULTITALENTED NINO WONG gave us an introduction to the Year of the Rabbit!

Sweet Susie Katharine Shaw concluded the Salon singing ‘In His Time.’

It’s so much fun having Dear Carol treat her ‘Salon Stars’ to a feast at El Portal.

This time we were small but mighty.

It was great fun celebrating Susie Katharine Shaw!

Time for a little R&R at Shutters on the Beach…

Thank you Awesome Sherry Dewane for another wonderful ‘Play Review’ luncheon.

Guest speaker Mary Lea Carroll was inspiring!

Special thanks to Lovely Valerie for bringing Valentine’s Day chocolates for everyone!

And a world of thanks to Wondrous CAROL SOUCEK King for driving and giving me that special time!

Arriving home to ‘Valentine Teddy’!

This month’s Camerata Pacifica was spectacular featuring violin virtuoso Paul Huang.

It’s always great fun going to a technical rehearsal at the Ahmanson & I can’t wait to see the full production of ‘The Secret Garden’.

Afterwards it was time for burgers at The Conrad because both Kendall’s Brasserie at the Music Center and San Laurel at the Conrad were fully booked!

February’s Calligraphy class with Master Tang was small but again…mighty. So many people either sick or on vacation!

I wish you joy!

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