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There’s always the promise of a better day, and a rainbow is meant to tell us that! You’ll see one further down, but for now, I will share delights along the way.

Awesome Sherry Dewane shepherds the ‘Play Review’ group and gets the most amazing speakers for the monthly meetings at the Wilshire Country Club. It’s always a joy to go with Wondrous Carol Soucek King and to see so many old friends. To my right is author Mary Lea Carroll who was the speaker in February, and to my left Lovely Valerie Foster Hoffman and Sherry. We’re surrounding Sweet Alyce Williamson, philanthropic extraordinaire!

This month we were in awe of Robert Black who brought some of his ‘curated vintage’ from his shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. You’ll recognize the ‘Marilyn’ dress, here in red. It’s great fun to follow Robert on Instagram at @FashionbyRobertBlack.

Lunch was yummy!

A world of thanks, dear Carol, for driving!

Delightful Marguerite Marsh treated me to dinner and ‘Sunday in the Park With George’ at the Pasadena Playhouse. We ran into Brilliant Tavo who has been a speaker at the ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ with his producer friend Paul.

And who should be walking in the parking lot but dear Carol on her way to a wedding celebration dinner!

We finally got to the theatre…

The next day, Susi finally got the artwork she had won in the raffle months ago!

We had a wonderful lunch at Avra…our favorite place!

KIta’s favorite Hoomans, Curtis and Yi Lin came by with treats from Portos!

Spectrum was here for three hours…coming again tomorrow. We’re still able to watch K-Dramas!

I agree Kita!

It was great fun having Super Smart Nicole from Center Theatre Group here. We had a delightful time, good lunch, and then I showed her the studio.

Afterward, Amazing Dave, author of ‘Fuzzzy Tale,’ had a meeting in the office. Of course, Office Dog Kita the Akita was in on it, as Dave is one of her favorite Hoomans!

To make the day perfect, Harry, another of Kita’s favorite Hoomans, came by!

Thanks to Wondrous Carol Soucek King, we were able to be included in the special Gamble House tour of the Disney exhibit at the Huntington Gardens. The tour was led by Awesome Disney Legend and Gamble House Board Member Don Hahn.

There’s so much more but I suggest you get the wonderful book published by the Met where the exhibit was first seen. The Huntington’s Gift Shop has it or you can order on Amazon.

Dave stopped by with the ‘Fluffies’ Lambert & Dolly. Kita knew they were coming when they were half a block away!

Calligraphy class with Master Tang was delightful, and we learned a lot!

Thoughtful and so very generous Miss Judith overwhelmed me again…

A world of thanks!

Wishing you rainbows…

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