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It began with an inspiring Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life hosted by Wondrous Carol Soucek King, with this month’s guest speaker being Brilliant Satinder Dhiman, Ph.D., EdD, Associate Dean, Chair, and Director of the MBA Program and Professor of Management at Woodbury University’s School of Business who spoke on the topic of Faith. We all learned so much!

Lovely Carol is always so generous in mentioning my books and scarves….

Sweet Patricia read her poem on ‘Faith,’ and of course, there was great joy and delight in her Easter Bunny!



Faith is the glue that binds us together, holding us throughout time.

Dominations or beliefs matter not; without Faith, what have we got?

Knock on wood, fingers crossed, kneeling in prayer, creating hope.                                                     

May the angels sing and the sun warm our hearts in fulfilling our beliefs.

Faith is carrying us to our destination now and forever, guiding us to eternal light on the wings of a butterfly.


Speaking of bunnies, coincidentally, a collector sent me a photo of the very first Brush painting I sold at Pasadena Showcase House of Design in the ’80s!!! What a delightful memory seeing ‘Greenbean’ again!

Everyone feels very blessed and grateful to dear Carol for the Salons thru the years.

Precious Izabela and Wayne sent me this glorious Easter arrangement…

Kita the Akita felt it was below her dignity to be the Easter Bunny, so cooperation was in short supply!

Never mind…that didn’t dampen the Easter spirit…

And, of course, Peeps, a must-have!

We made ‘angel’ eggs to take over to dear Carol’s for her annual Easter egg hunt!

Bunny gets the party started at Carol’s beautiful estate!

How serene…Dean LeGrand Carlston serenades us in the exquisite garden.

Wonder what they’re talking about…

Doesn’t this just make you smile???

Sweet Patricia..

And architect Miller Yee Fong whose delightful illustrations grace Carol Soucek King’s inspiring book ‘Under the Bridges at Arroyo del Rey!’

It’s always a joy to see Leonore ‘Nino Wong,’ head of the Docents in the Chinese Garden at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

It’s possible Curtis found the most Easter eggs….

But it looks like Yi Lin won the Easter Bunny!

Thank you, dear Carol, for all the joy you bring!

Bravo, Sherry Dewane, for another wonderful ‘Play Review’ luncheon and program, and thank you, Wondrous Carol, for driving!

It’s always delightful seeing gifted artist Joyce Motazedi, a brilliant interpreter of horses who kindly saves two seats for us!

Author Sarah McCraw Crow, spoke about her new novel, ‘The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly.’

Sarah’s Publicist, Sarah, and Carol Soucek King! Lovely ladies, all!

I’ll just show you the desert!

Dinner with brilliant Tom Backer is always a delightful experience. Chris Johnsten from the Music Center walked by & how did I miss taking his photo???

Kita was convinced Lovely Izabela would come to see her…sorry Kita!

No, Kita…it’s girlie tea time!

It’s such a joy to teach dear Debra and David Brush painting. I’m so proud of them…this was just their second class & look how beautifully they did!

Dear Olga stopped by before she and George leave for their indescribable paradise, returning in the fall! Again, Kita the Akita is certain the visit is for her!

These cookies are sooooo good!

Thank you, Adrian Spence, Founder and Artistic Director of Camerata Pacifica, for another brilliant evening at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

Flautist Sooyun Kim is an absolute Force of Nature, a ‘rare virtuoso of the flute!’ She was also accompanied by brilliant pianist Irina Zahharenkova.

I’ve told you about stellar composer Libby Larsen, and it was doubly thrilling to hear her new composition commissioned by Joan Davidson in memory of her husband, John Schnittker. That’s definitely on my to-do bucket list! The ensemble consisted of Benjamin Godlscheider from London on the horn, Jonathan Swensen on the cello, and Irina on the piano.

I absolutely adore Libby, who is as kind and generous as she is as a brilliant composer!

Benjamin, the horn player from London (in the blue suit), told me he practices four hours each day (not as long as the pianist!)

Thank you so much, Adrian…..O.K., Don’t laugh!

The Music Center has wonderful ‘Education & Community Outreach Programs,’ one of which is the Center Theatre Group’s Student Matinee Program, an award-winning, theatre-going experience for young people that inspires and nurtures their curiosity, scholarship, artistry, and personal creativity. I was delighted to be invited to the ‘1776’ Student Matinee performance at the Ahmanson.

Eighteen hundred high school students.

Take a bow.

After the performance, the cast came onstage for a question & answer time with the students.

Blue Apron just arrived…I’ll let you know how it works out.

An absolutely amazing event is coming up Friday, and I can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, Kita and I bid you adieu…

With the hope that each day will be filled with the delights of Spring for you!

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