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I must say I was really surprised when the venue for my birthday bash was changed to the Valley Hunt Club from Nick’s in Pasadena as a surprise! Veronica witnessed my stubborn side for the very first time when she asked me to change my attire. Come on… I’m fine for Nick’s… apparently not so I reluctantly complied!

It was so much fun…..Sweet Patricia had handled all of the logistics!

Curtis, Nino and Yi-Lin are the cutest!

It’s all about the cake! Good thing I changed. I’m more matchy matchy!

Thank you my dear friends for your beautiful gifts and most of all for sharing this wondrous life’s journey with me! Of course special thanks to Precious Marguerite Marsh for hosting this wonderful gathering at the Valley Hunt Club!

Veronica and I went to a one-night engagement of ‘Above Night Gallery: The Stars of the Southern Sky’ at the Planetarium. It was a bit disappointing after seeing the show at the Hayden Planetarium in NYC where you travel through time going back to the Big Bang!

Not quite sure why these guys were part of the show…

It was a dark and cloudy night so I’m not quite sure if the wait in line outside for this was worth it…

Wondrous Carol was so delightful making sure I had a full set of elegant linen serviettes for a tea of twelve! I received three beautiful boxes from Salutations!!!

Brilliant photographer Karl Owens visited the office to discuss his upcoming line of greeting cards.

But first the thoughtful birthday cakes from Pillow Talk in Pasadena on Lake.

And of course time with Kita the Akita!

Every year dear Danielle has a special treat for me at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. When I heard that Tom Carruth, Curator of the Rose Collections, was joining us, I was delighted to include Super Fan, Uber Photojournalist and Videographer Curtis McElhinney!

It was great fun taking a secret route in a golf cart!

It was thrilling to have Tom give us a detailed tour of the Rose Garden. Amazingly he knows the history of every single rose!

There are a lot of delightful secret spots if you know where to look.

Thank you dear Danielle and Tom for a day we’ll not soon forget!

And special thanks Dear Danielle, my Angel at the Huntington for over twenty-five years, for the stunning Phaleonopsis!

The following story of Pilot Shaun began 11 years ago. It was posted on this blog on April 26, 2012.



Oh Shaun, I just love that…..


Perhaps I should begin at the beginning.  About a week ago I was driving up the hill and noticed a new hiker.  Pulling into the garage, I went for the mail and who walks by but that very same person who asked me if I wasn’t concerned to see a strange man walking the hill.  “No” says I and we began to chat.  Turns out this fellow is from Texas and has two Huskies.  Well, he immediately qualifies for the Parker household and I invite him in to meet Charles, telling him Charles left Texas for Harvard where he learned to say ‘ridiculous’ instead of b@#*!*#@t.  Turns out ‘Shaun’ is a pilot who flies private corporate jets out of Houston and  also flew some fancy special plane made by General Dynamics where Charles worked selling submarines to the Navy.  Whew…that’s a mouthful!  Anyway, they had a lot in common and I had dog walking in mind.  Since Shaun was in such a walking mood, I asked him if he’d want to take Kita out for a stroll.  Perhaps to the park? ”Sure” answers Shaun as I wonder if he has any idea what he’s getting into.  “Shaun, I’m leaving now to go to my mom’s so just bring Kita back ‘whenever’….bye bye.”  And off I go.

Now I should tell you that originally Shaun and his co-pilot were to have stayed at the airport Marriot but it was full so they were at the Burbank Holiday Inn in ‘beautiful downtown Burbank’.  I tell you that so you have some idea of how far he walked to get to the house…….after first going up and down a couple of other hills.  Keep in mind that the park is not only down the hill but over several blocks.  That all adds up to Olympian walking!

Shaun phoned the next morning before takeoff back to Houston and told me they had a great walk EXCEPT Kita just sat in the street the last 500 yards, refusing to go any further and so Shaun CARRIED all of her 63 lbs. the rest of the way!




It should be noted that Shaun’s been back in town and game to not only walk but RUN with Kita on this hill!


Wasn’t I delighted when I saw a message from Shaun that he and Phil his co-captain, with Andrea, his lovely flight attendant were in town on a lay-over and would I be available? Would I??? With bells on! Wait ’till I tell Kita!

It was great fun catching up and showing them the studio.

Sorry Kita, Shaun didn’t come to play with you!

What a lovely visit!

Afterwards Shaun treated us at Prosecco Trattoria, my favorite place ‘where everyone knows your name!’

And I got another birthday candle!

Sunday brunch at The Six in Studio City brought another candle!

Lunch with Lovely Susi and the Inimitable Brenda Cooper in the Garden Terrace at the Polo Lounge is my idea of Living Joyfully!

Actually these two are old friends and it was great fun listening to them catch up! Now how cute is this!!!

Note the Duckies. Susi knows my addiction but these aren’t rubber…they’re chocolate!

Everyone absolutely needs Brenda Coopers brilliant book on ‘The Silhouette Solution.‘ I promise you’ll find joy in ‘shopping in your closet’!

There was a CTG Donor Event at the Music Center that evening for ‘A Transparent Musical.’

Thank you Steve Benson!

It’s always delightful seeing Lorri, Steve’s lovely wife and talented author.

Fun with Too Cute Nicole!

And so closes a wonderful, joy filled month!

I wish you beautiful flowers, lots of cake and joy filled days!

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