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I love, love, love the 4th of July! It’s the most fun holiday, and Marine and Aram start it off on the 1st with a bash for 150 of their closest friends! Marine, you’re fantabulous!!!

This is the cutest…

There was a burger station….

My favorite was the crepes!

Cutest couple…Sally & Richard!

And the band played on…

Well, as you can imagine, all that really got me in the mood to get into high gear for celebrating the 4th at 1111! Jhonny got the flamingo and boxes of other ‘stuff’ out…Skip and Biff washed the windows, and the gardeners finished up outside.

Time to go to Armstrong for plants!

And Monte Carlo for Gelato!

Let’s get started!

The spinning wheel was new this year and used very effectively along with prize distribution…

Lots of balloons!

Twice as many prizes this year….We had a bean bag toss, Bingo, and a terrific series of questions relating to the 4th! (Two winners on that one!) ‘Head’s Up’ was hysterical this year.

Included were the 4th of July Special Edition, Nan Rae Greeting Cards!

Finally, party time!

Kita the Akita is the designated greeter!

I could only be on the patio briefly because it was time for Veronica and me to make our famous grilled cheese sandwiches! Wondrous Carol had brought the best Guacamole, chips, and Salsa, and I had carrots and celery in the adorable John Deer truck Sweet Lizzie Girl had given me. It’s a must on the patio!

And here it is…The ooey, gooey cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato. Nino’s delicious Orzo salad & Sweet Patricia’s cole slaw finished it off! (Everyone got a pup!)

Yi-Lin and I were winners of ‘Head’s Up’ last year, and no one came even close to our record!

Bingo gets very competitive…

O.K. everyone, it’s time to go upstairs for the fireworks…

Of course, Kita was first in line for the Gelato!

Sooooo good!

We had Nan Rae tote bags for everyone with their name on it…

So much love and so much fun! I want to do it all over again, and so do Snoopy and Kita!

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