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It’s hard to come down after the high of the 4th of July, but we must. Well, maybe just a little. Here’s Mena, our new intern in the Nan Rae Studio, and she’s smart as can be.

And she has two Shiba Inus…

Now we have a tagged black bear!

Great fun at dear Izabela and Wayne’s neighborhood gathering.

The second Sunday of the month, as always, was time for Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life.’ Danielle Villicana D’Annibale was the main presenter giving a brilliant talk on Giorgio Visari (1511-1574), the father of art history, and the Equestrian Monument for him sponsored by the nonprofit organization ‘Paradise for Artists’ she and her husband Maurizio founded. The model designed for the monument was done by sculptor extraordinaire Christopher Slatoff and is to be in Arezzo, Italy.

Danielle and her husband, Maurizio, are being interviewed in their gallery ‘Villicana D’Annibale’ in Arezzo.

Sculptor extraordinaire Christopher Slatoff.

This presentation enhanced the theme of ‘Understanding.’

Videographer Curtis McElhinney brilliantly handled the Zoom technicalities, and the Salon began with Janet Martorello’s meditative Himalayan Singing Bowls. Dean LeGrand Carlston sang his moving composition, ‘Come Together, Talk About It, Work It Out’ followed by Graham Lance Richardson’s birthday salute to all the July babies. After the main presentation, Douglas Decker sang his composition, ‘Activity of the Hierarchy,’ followed by Artist and Sculptor Patricia Ferber, who wonderfully expressed the theme in her poem:


I don’t understand why war, hatred, poverty, pettiness, jealousy exist, and have so throughout time.

Sing a song of brightness.

Sing a song of love.

Sing a song in understanding,

like the sweet sounds of a Morning Dove.

Dance to the steps of justice. 

Dance to your heart’s content.

Dance in achieving a deeper understanding,

and in commanding of truth. 

Stand up for what you believe in, 

living the peace that exists. 

Be strong in every way, every single day, 

and you will understand the meaning of your life’s journey.

Patricia Ferber

July 2023

An interesting discussion followed with Nino Wong, Chairman of the Chinese Garden Docents at the Huntington, along with Pauline Field, author of ‘Feisty & Fearless.’ Our Lovely Susie Katharine Shaw then sang ‘Smile.’ Bravo all!

And again, dear Carol so generously treated all of her ‘Salon Stars’ (and there were many) to a feast at El Portal!

Mary Beth, Kita’s trainer when she was a puppy, came by, and boy was Kita beside herself with joy to see her!

On to the Music Center with Veronica and Amy to watch the dress rehearsal for the Dutch National Ballet’s production of ‘Frida.’

Peggy Collins is sooo adorable!

Choreographer Annabelle Lopez brilliantly fleshed out the “expressive surrealism that dance-by-analogy to Kahlo’s paintings – can embody.” The costumes and staging were equally brilliant. Even though the subject matter is so heavy, it was handled with sensitivity and grace.

The technical rehearsal that followed was fascinating.

A little selfie fun…

Can you imagine…Kendall’s was totally booked at 5:00. Never mind! This gave us a chance to have dinner at Chef José Andrés San Laurel at The Conrad. One of my all-time favorites!

I’m a big fan of Chef Jeffry Chen, and it was so cute that he remembered me.

Lovely Valerie invited us to the Beach Club, and it was great fun…Nothing beats burgers on the beach!

I didn’t get my full share of dog photos, and sadly no seagulls…my favorite!

There was just time to make it to Random Acts of Breadness and artisan baker Randall Michael Tobin on Magnolia in Burbank to pick up a loaf of organic lectin-free gluten-neutral yummy sourdough to take to Tania’s for a housewarming something along with special salt!

Please do stay cool for the remaining weeks in July, and Kita says to remember to stay hydrated!!!

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