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It was a great joy today to see Woodbury University’s annual Graphic Design Exhibit, and I fondly remember my mom was able to be at the dedication of the gallery during Founders Week on the 6th of January, 2011.

My stylish mom sitting next to my architect, Monique Schenk. Lovely Valerie Foster Hoffman is standing with Wondrous Carol Soucek King. More photos are on ‘The Nan Rae Gallery’ January 6, 2011 blog.

How cute is this!!!

Here’s Dean Jeff Bellantoni, Dean & Professor, School of Media: Culture: Design, outside the gallery.


I can’t begin to describe how thrilling it is to see the creativity of the graduating students, of the Graphic Design Program, BFA, and hear about the amazing direction they’ve received at Woodbury. Can you tell I was delighted???

This student is awesome. So sensitive and creative!

I’m in awe!

Happy me!

Just so no one gets lost!

Thank you, dear Seta Javor, VP, Executive Relations, Dean Jeff Bellantoni and Paola Fernandez, Activities Director for the school of MCD.


Great fun seeing Dr. Joan Marques, Dean of the School of Business & Professional Management, in the school cafeteria.

I was delighted to illustrate two of Joan’s many books.

And so ends a beautiful day. Stay cool, and be sure to hydrate!!!

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