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That’s right…it’s Barbie Time, and you’ll either love it or hate it…the jury is still out!

Either way one must get with the program! I may not be pink enough but I did my best!

Super-size me please and yes, I got the free refill!

Margot Robbie is the perfect Barbie!

The opening was brilliant, parodying the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with the apes.

The alien monolith…

Ken was great as were all of the ‘Kens’!

Having a ‘Crazy Barbie’ was brilliant. You know how some little girls cut their doll’s hair, mark them with crayons, and perhaps torture them to no end?

Well, that’s just about all I’m going to give you. See the movie, and we’ll talk. There could be a class for credit on this as I’ve never seen so many print articles or heard so many commentaries. See for yourself.

Then it was off to dinner at ViaSelfie.

I would go there just for the amazing Watermelon dish…it’s that good!

The Branzino was perfect!

No words needed…

The moon was so brilliantly beautiful that evening…

Dear Tony Oliver, my wonderful Brush painting student drove in from Bakersfield to pick up art supplies. I’m so very proud of Tony as he’s become an excellent Brush painting teacher with devoted students!

Sweet Peggy Collins invited me and Veronica to be her guests for the MUSE/IQUE event, ‘Bernstein at Heart’ at the Huntington.

We were delighted to see Debra and David Beadle!

This is soooo me…

Paparazzi of some of the musicians…

Treat of all treats…Veronica took me to Pasjoli in Santa Monica to experience their Dégustation for my birthday….I know; we’re still celebrating in August!

This was so amazing it really deserves a separate blog! I just have to show you all the dishes beginning with Caviar, Whipped beurre blanc, pine nuts, and toast, and the non-alcoholic pairing was Ginger Tonic!

Note: Non-foodies can just skip over all this!

Tarte au Maïs, Sweet Corn, Trout Roe, burnt corn husk oil

Halibut, fermented yuzu, toasted almond. Paired with avocado & lemon juice.

thon et tomate, marinated tuna, fermented tomato, crème fraîche

Artichaut…baby artichoke, miso-grayère emulsion, yeast, paired with cucumber, lime, sparkling cider. (My favorite.)

Porc. Pork belly, prune, ruby mustard paired with cherry & thyme tea.

Céleri-rave…soft baked celery root, coffee, sour cherry.

Canard à l’orange…duck confit, braised endive, milk bread paired with hibiscus ‘wine.’

Huile d’olive…olive oil, banana, sorrel.

Thé earl grey…Earl grey tea, lemon curd, fennel jam paired with chamomile & honey digestif!

Pâte de fruit – preserved rose candy, earl grey

The duck presse.

I did say my birthday treat didn’t I?

Thank you Awesome Chef Dave Beran!

And thank you dear Veronica for an evening I’ll not soon forget!

Just in case you think things have quieted down on the home front I’ll leave you with this sighting next door last week!

May you be happy, may you be safe!

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