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Well, we got through the deluge, but not without some major interior rain!

After a big Oh well, it was time for a delightful lunch at San Laurel with two spectacular women, Debra & Terri…

Photo, please…

Debra is a hat person, for sure! Soooo cute…I wish I was!

If you’re in DTLA, stop in at the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit ‘Place’ on the ground level of the Conrad. It’s quite thought-provoking and helps to understand not only the artist but NYC during his time.

Brilliant Maggie Sharma had a gathering to celebrate the publishing of her scholarly book.

And Dave Hanson, author of ‘Fuzzzy Tale,’ came by with the stars of the book…Lambert and Dolly!

I think the interior rain situation has been solved. My roofer said the problem was the chimney and that I needed to get it capped. Let’s see if this does the trick.

Then it’s back to May at Chiang’s Frame in El Monte to get several large works framed and pick up all of Tania’s beautiful botanicals.

In case you’re wondering…one of the bears came back. We think it’s Noodles.

Dinner with brilliant Tom Backer is always a treat, as I learn so much!

The birthday celebration goes on, and this time, it’s a day at the beach. Incomparable, Carol Soucek King invited us to the Jonathan Club at the beach, treating us on her birthday. That’s sooo Carol!

At the end of the day, Lovely Carol walked with Xavier, Susie, Katherine, and Patricia to get their toesies wet!

Time for the ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ that dear Carol has been hosting for some twenty-seven years and on Zoom for the past three years!

This month’s theme was ‘Harmony’ based on one of the chapters of Carol’s inspiring book, ‘Under the Bridges at Arroyo del Rey.’ The main presenters were Douglas Decker and Janet Martorello, who spoke on ‘Supporting and Creating Harmony Without and Within.’ Discussing the source of love, compassion, understanding, empathy, giving, and gratitude. Douglas also always gives us a lovely music interlude each month, often of his own composing.

Janet also presents her Himalayan Singing Bowls at the beginning of each month’s Zoom.

Dean LeGrand Carlston, DDS, always contributes inspiring songs he composes, and his music may be downloaded at no cost on

I always look forward to hearing from the Salon’s Poet Laureate, Patricia Feber, who creates a poem based on each month’s theme.


Harmony is melodious in many keys, such as A, B, C, or Do, Re, and Mi.

Harmony requires balance within and can be obtained through music, writing, meditation, or a gym. It is all in the balance of what is right or what is wrong, as in dance or in the words of a song.

Harmony can become elusive at times when the forces of life move you along. Losing direction on an unfamiliar road, like the surfer riding a wave aiming for shore. 

Move to the left, move to the right in centering your mind, like the clay on a potter’s wheel that has existed through time. Creating a vessel that will hold all your needs, resuming your journey once more in peace.  

In all our endeavors, we strive for rhythm by using the key, unlocking the doors of Harmony. 

After the main presentation, Nino Wong, Chairman of Huntington’s Chinese Garden Docents, opened the discussion.

Susie Katharine Shaw sang ‘In His Time,’ and so ended another inspiring Salon!

And all of this was facilitated by brilliant cinematographer Curtis McElhinney.

That afternoon, Clara Yang came by to pick up her beautiful artwork that Veronica had scanned and made prints of. Clara brought over a feast of Korean foods, knowing how addicted we are to Kdramas! I was shocked that I had to fill her in on BTS!!!

There was also a yummy cheesecake and nom nom custard tarts.

Time to get ready to go to Carol’s generous treat of her ‘stars’ at El Portal, so I suited up in my Shohei Ohtani shirt. His pitching is sidelined with an oblique injury, and I’m not sure about the batting. He tossed 44 out of the park so far this season and is compared to Babe Ruth!

And here we all are!

The best part was having another chance to wish dear Carol the happiest of birthdays!

I see this has gotten quite long and we’re not even through half of September. I’ll close for now, wishing you joy always!

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