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I was a vendor at Pasadena Showcase House many years ago when I first presented my Brush painting and began to teach this fascinating art form. During the three years I participated, it was a joy to do a poster for the event, and then in the mid-90s I was asked also to do a serigraph.

It was there, that I had the joy of meeting Lynn Van Dam (now Cooper), who did elegant pen and ink works for the Showcase Houses. To my delight, Lynn reached out to me to join her and three other artists whom I know and greatly admire to participate in Ai Plus Gallery’s exhibition, ‘IMAGINATION: 5 Views’. Those of you who know me, especially Veronica, know that I do not participate in such exhibits. However, this sounded like a lark, and I was intrigued to see four Wisteria panels I had just completed on a large wall.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Ai Plus Gallery, everything was properly installed.

I even set up a ‘Scholar’s Table’ so visitors could see the implements of Brush painting and the actual paper used.

And here is the reason I said yes to doing this! A large white wall!

A special shout out for the wonderful valet service!

The gallery had fine wines and yummy nibbles opening night.

It was way beyond wonderful seeing precious friends who came to support me. Here’s dear Debra and David.

Awesome Videographer Curtis McElhinney shot the photo of me for my Inspirational books, ‘That’s Just What I Needed Today‘ and ‘Walk With Me…In The Garden of Our Friendship‘.

Art connoisseur, the always elegant Carol Soucek King.

Joao Dedeus Anacleto, Co-Founder with his awesome wife, Tammy Huang, of College Launch. Tammy is a force of nature, always doing good for the community and being so loving and kind. So enjoyed delightful son John Aidan!

Wonderful Yvonne Zhu owner of Kylin Gallery.

Awesome Cissy discusses my work with interested Chinese viewers.

America’s Dad, dear Michael Gross (Family Ties), and his glorious wife, Elza. They joined me on a memorable tour to China for my students. And here they are with the impetus for this exhibition!

Precious Amy and Lilia.

Dear Maryam and Kert. Maryam remembers lunch at her mother’s famous gallery with Andy Warhol.

People wanted to have a photo with their favorite Brush painting.

What am I talking about?

Dear Ralph at the left. Ralph has been a treasured Brush student of mine at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. His family is responsible for most of the amazing Bonsai at the Garden, and a bench is dedicated to them there.

This must have been pretty funny!

Too cute!

This lovely lady was completely captivated by my book ‘The Ch’i of The Brush’, telling everyone it was the very best on Brush painting technique.

I must say all of the Inspirational books were well received.

I got to enjoy the artwork along with the viewers.

And finally, dear Lynn Van Dam Cooper who began this whole adventure.

Special thanks to extraordinary Joann Li, awesome owner of Ai Plus Gallery and her amazing staff!

And many thanks for this elegant, delightful gift!

After the reception, dear Ralph and Kathy treated us to a lovely and yummy dinner at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant.

They are so adorable. A love story for the ages!

Well that’s about it my lovely friends. A world of thanks to you who attended and special thanks to all who took the time to visit this blog. May joy and beauty fill your days!

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