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And what better way to greet the New Year than a visit by Kathy Wong, a treasured friend and dear student! Time to meet Somi!

Every year, Kathy chooses two of her fine artworks to convert into calendars. DM me if you’d like to order.

Selfie time!

Kathy feeds my rubber duckie addiction…

And two beautiful scarves from her trip to Japan!

Do you know about Artelice Pâtisserie?

Well Kathy does and it’s the best pâtisserie in town!

There’s a new bear on the scene and he’s beautiful…notice he’s tagged!

Cissy Li has a wonderful showing of her work at A! Gallery in San Marino through January. Be sure to phone for an appointment.

It’s taken a week to put away all of the Christmas decorations! The part I like best is wrapping all of the ornaments for both trees…it’s so enjoyable to really look at each one as I wrap them. Sort of helps overlooking the total chaos!

Of course Jhonny is a tremendous help!

I guess you know what this means…No No, Bad Dog!

Time for the little girl to have her first spa day with Naoki at B-Elegant.

I must say we didn’t recognize her and wondered where our puppy went to! Be careful when you say ‘a trim’!

Oh well, she’s being Anna Wintour getting her rizz on! The bangs do it!

It was soooo windy here that the copper gate blew through to the other side & I had to make an emergency call to Jhonny for the rescue.

Not quite sure how he did it but I’m really grateful!

Time for Awesome Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life.’

Graham Lance Richardson was the Main Presenter. The topic was Stability/Instability and how we get from one to another in architecture, construction, and personally by self-discipline.

Dean LeGrand Carlston,DDs inspired all with his composition.

And Douglas Decker delighted everyone with “How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls!”

Here’s Sculptor Patricia Ferber’s Poem:

Stability” by Patricia Ferber, Artist & Poet

A foundation was laid the day we were born; we each have a set of tools
How we build takes a lifetime; what we accomplish is our soul. 
Sometimes, one may experience a breaking point in life that can rock the foundation of wisdom and faith.
We must then gather our tools together, reinforcing the weakened points and stabilizing ourselves once more. 
The shaking will strengthen us to not return to that junction by riding a Golden Ray of Light and by being able to say, “I get It,” with a deeper understanding and insight.

This was followed by a discussion opened by Nino Wong, designer and Chairman of the Chinese Garden Docents at the Huntington.

Sculptor Georgia Toliver/Tolanna, spoke on the meaning of the January 15 birthday celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he taught us about stability,

Yolanda Nava, Emmy Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist and Author whose Through the Dark describes her inner revolution as a result of sudden blindness, shared Edward Lee Goldstein’s poem, “The World I’d Envision.”

Ruth Broyde Sharone said, “The world rests on performing acts of loving kindness.” And, “It’s possible to empower people at whatever level they’re at.”

Someone added, “Have a day that matters, have a day that means something.”

As always, Susie Katharine Shaw sang the Finale.

Thoughtful Carol is so generous in treating her ‘Salon Stars’ to a delightful monthly dinner at El Portal in Pasadena.

Fashionistas Carol and Nino, who gave us both a delightful framed photo taken at the Valley Hunt Club’s Christmas party. So fun!

Main Speaker Graham Lance Richardson was really the ‘star’ of the evening with this great shirt!

Well, Somi the Goldendoodle is living the life, meeting lots of new people & collecting names for her fan club! Here’s Dave & Alexis with Lambert and Dolly, stars of Fuzzzy Tale!

Roofer Keith…

Of course Somi and her vet, Dr. Ortiz have already bonded to the 10th degree! Somi was pronounced ready for her closeup!

Of course Somi and Jhonny had instant love going on!

The first program of the year for Camerata Pacifica was outstanding thanks to Artistic Director Adrian Spence.

Brush painting student Stephanie stopped by for paper and connected with ‘The Doodle’!

Time for a lovely luncheon…

I always love seeing equestrians at Betty Davis Park on the way home…

And then it’s back to work signing books!

This was nice.

Always delightful with Lovely Maggie! We’re at Via Selfie Kitchen in Burbank, where it’s consistently delicious!!!

Afterwards, we had to stop at Artelice Pâtisserie because it’s so close by and more treats were needed.

I wish you everything sweet in this gift of a new year!

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