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February didn’t start off too lovingly for Somi the Goldendoodle as it was time to be spayed and then wear the ‘collar of shame’ for ten days!

Debra had a most delightful luncheon for me and Awesome Terri. Don’t you think we should send this photo to Colgate?

It was so wonderful to have Debra’s wonderful hubby, David, join us, if even briefly. I was treated to two perfect poached eggs by Chef David…so special… here’s musician David with his Emmy!

There were yummy bagels with all the trimmings and so many other nom-noms!

I have to say this is a terrific photo of Debra with her puppets!

While I was away, Curtis and Yi-Lin stopped by with yummy cheese rolls from Portos! Somi was soooo happy! Just look at that adoring glance.

Time for a trip to Pacific Asia Museum to check out the display of my book, fine art prints, and cards!

Michelle Bourdon, the Gift Shop’s Manager, was so sweet to give us passes for the two current exhibits. There was a karaoke machine in one that I couldn’t resist. But then, I know you’re not surprised!

On a more serious note…

So happy it wasn’t raining when I drove downtown for a meeting. Good thing there was coffee!

On the way home, I was able to snap this shot of ‘Angels Flight.’

However, it was pouring driving to the Music Center for the technical rehearsal for Pina Bausch’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ and ‘Common Ground(s)’ by Germaine Acogny and Malou Airaudo. Made it just in time even though the off-ramp was closed, and driving through unknown territory was a bit scary at night.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at over twenty-five stagehands placing a ton of dirt on the stage.

All’s well, that ends well…

A little retail therapy for Valentine’s Day!

A very belated birthday celebration for Lovely Mary!

Sandie Girl came over to pick up the cards Veronica had made for her, and happily, Somi was minus the cone, having recovered beautifully from her procedure.

This is one happy group celebrating the ‘Year of the Dragon’ at the Huntington.

We had great seats for the fabulous show thanks to Nino Wong, Head of the Docents in the Chinese Garden.

Thank you, Awesome Nino!

And, of course, Somi’s best buds, Curtis and Yi-Lin!

It was the Second Sunday and time for Exquisite Carol Soucek Kings ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life!’

The opening song by Dean LeGrand Carlston was so moving, and Dean has made his music accessible on

Barry Allen and Pauline Field’s were the main presenters with ‘Growth, Not Just an Inside Job’. They emphasized that each of us is connected to everyone…so growing has to be considered within the larger context of community.

Kudos to Nino Wong, for quoting Graham Lance Richardson, “Well done is better than well said.”

Artist/Sculptor Patricia Ferber read her poem on ‘Growth.’


Growth strengthens one’s faith when embracing life with a loving heart. 

Kindness from within will extend love towards others. 

Light on your feet with a smile on your face,

to dance to the magnificent symphony’s life plays.

Spiritual growth takes a lifetime to grow,

like the tall Oak trees in a grove.

As a corn stalk in a field develops its fruit,

its kernels grow sweetly symmetrically grouped.

Growth, like rocks in a wall if loose will fall, 

build with beauty and care.

One stone at a time, from young to when we are old, 

composed of life’s love songs for our journey beyond. 

Patricia Ferber

February 2024

Special thanks, Nino Wong, for mentioning my Dragon card.

Once again, dear Carol treated her Salon Stars to a wonderful evening at El Portal!

We had so much fun celebrating Singer/Actress Susie Katharine Shaw’s birthday!

That Monday, Laurie Pie came over bearing Christmas gifts….we missed her usual famous garlic bread and salad and ordered Din Tai Fung instead.

Barely room for dessert!

Time for ‘Play Review.’ Fashionista Carol Soucek King picks me up, but first….a photo opportunity with the Doodle!

The guest speaker was critically acclaimed founder and artistic director/conductor of MUSE/IQUE Rachael Worby’ here with long-time friend, dear Carol.

Then it was off to the Huntington with Maryam and Kert for Camerata Pacifica’s virtuoso performance by Sebastian Jacot, a ‘flute rock star,’ and Irina Zahharenkova’s tour de force on the harpsichord!

I know this is ‘The Month of Love,’ but I think Valentine’s Day really deserves its own blog….don’t you?

Here’s wishing you a world of love and a ton of chocolate!

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