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Love is always all around but February seems to get a blast of hearts, hearts, hearts! And just look what greeted me on Valentine’s Day!

Somi the Goldendoodle was feeling it too!

Somi was crowned Doodle Sweetheart!


Then it was off to Valerie Foster Hoffman’s Valentine’s party. How can I even begin to describe it? There was such an array of food, appetizers being passed around, stations here and there with such an abundance of treats, and here is the dining room. You can’t even see the areas for sweets in the photo.

I suspect there were close to 100 people…..just a few of Valerie’s close friends! Our dear Carol was there but I wasn’t able to get a photo. Here are just a few of the ladies (there were tons of gentlemen as well.)

How adorable…

Amazing photographer Karl Owens was there catching all of the lovely moments…

Karl did a photo shoot in my studio and is a dear friend. I was so impressed to see this stunning book he had worked on. Created for Terry Stanfill and her family, it’s quite impressive.

It’s always a joy to see Elaine and Peter Adams. I’ve known Peter for ages!

What a good fluffer!

It’s always so thoughtful of Valerie to have a Valet service for her guests.

Our Dynamic Duo, Miss Judith and Eileen, were celebrating Eileen’s B-day at ‘Lulu’ in the Hammer Museum. Of course they are best buds now with Alice Waters (Chez Panisse) owner of the restaurant. Way to go you two!!!

Somi loves Emilia and David & it’s always a joy when they come to visit!

And of course it’s always fun with neighbor Dave, author of Fuzzzy Tale…Somi will have a play date soon with Lambert and Dolly!

Lizzie Girl, you not only are the dearest but the cutest! A world of thanks!

Ah yes…..the roof!

We studied the Plum and Cherry Blossoms in this month’s Brush painting class, and everyone had so much fun!

Especially cute Kathy, who coincidentally, wore a skirt adorned with Cherry Blossoms… soooo cute!

After class it was time for a yummy dinner at Via Selfie and imagine….student Seta was there with hubby Mike.

Mary Beth, Kita’s trainer, has started working with Somi!

It was such great fun being a part of the Children’s Festival at the Music Center!

Lovely Valerie is absolutely the best at connecting with the young people as she drew on her experience being a grade school teacher. It was a joy to watch her connect!

Peggy and Terri really are Angels! See their Halo?

Donanne Kasikci, the Assistant Festival Co-Chair, told me she has ‘Suma the Elephant’ and remembered my talk years ago. And I found out that our mutual friend is lovely artist Lissi Kaplan.

Awesome Terri Childs had a tough duty, greeting the children at the buses and escorting them to the Pavilion. That’s an exhausting job, but she was fantastic!

We were treated to a yummy lunch each day and must say…needed it!

It was so wonderful seeing delightful Susan Avila, Senior Vice President of Advancement at the Music Center.

And the always delightful Rob Carson, Director of Center Dance Arts at the Music Center.

And Sweet Cheryl Brown, Vice President, Advancement with a new member of The Music Center’s fine staff.

After each performance, the students would gather in the Plaza for a choreographed dance of their own!


The last day of the month and Somi, the Goldendoodle, won the lottery! Three puppers on her driveway ready to play with her and then walkies with Dolly and Lambert, stars of Fuzzzy Tale!

New neighbor Gordana with her pupper, Fergie, a pug mix!

Time for walkies…here’s fluffer Lambert!

Well there you have it…a short but absolutely wonderful month with love all around.

For March I wish you peaceful, beautiful days filled with all the love your heart can hold!

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