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Every time I write a blog, I’m reminded of the great gift of friendship which should always be celebrated. Perhaps I’ll title each entry “Friendship!”

After the spectacular Colburn Gala where I saw so many precious friends thanks to Lovely Peggy Collins, it was back down to earth for the “Cause for Paws.”

Friend Dave had a booth for his wonderful children’s book,”FuzZzy Tale” and of course Lambert and Dolly, stars of the book and friends of Somi’s were there.

McGruff was there too!

Along with so many Dog and cat people…

The Salon for the Spiritually Creative Life was the next day and it was so inspiring. Dear Carol Soucek King has led the Salon for twenty-seven years, and so many speakers have touched us in such meaningful ways. This month, Dean LeGrand Carlston was the main presenter of “Stories About the Power of Faith.” Dean expressed through his compositions how he found faith through two major cornerstones of his life. We heard about his brave father’s faith and the soul’s triumph, and loving others in hopless situations as he told of a couple with nine adopted children. “Almighty God writes the best stories.”

You can listen and download Dean’s music at

Nino Wong, Head Docent of the Chinese Garden at the Huntington Botanical Gardens summed it up with “Love one another…..In whom do we believe, what do we believe and why do we believe.”

Artist Patricia Ferber, gave her Poetry Reading:

Faith is the glue that binds us together,

holding us throughout time.

Denominations or beliefs matter not;

without Faith, what have we got?

Knock on wood, fingers crossed,

kneeling in prayer, creating hope.

May the angels sing and the sun warm our

hearts in fulfilling our beliefs.

Faith is carrying us to our destination

now and forever, guiding us to eternal light

on the wings of a butterfly.

Somi, the Office Dog was enraptured by all.

The rain damage was pretty much taken care of but I do get the hives when stuff is moved about.

Somi the Goldendoodle continues to make friends.

And friend Yi-Lin got tickets for us to go to Descanso Gardens.

It was absolutely the loveliest day…the Wisteria was in bloom!

We rode the train…

It was delightful having dinner there…an end to a perfect day! Yi-Lin, me, Curtis, Carol, and Veronica!

Always delightful catching up with delightful friend Debra!

I got so inspired at Descanso that I painted this very large Wisteria using the full sheet of paper.

Awesome Miss Judith sent us a Porto’s credit and there was so much we could share with Curtis & Yi-Lin, Maryam & Kert and Sweet Maria’s family!

Then popcorn to continue watching the Dodgers!

Somi had great fun too!

Night night dear friends!

Joann Li owner of Ai Plus Gallery invited me to be her guest at USC Pacific Asia’s Gala.

I stopped first at the Museum Store to say hi to Michelle Bourdon, the delightful Manager.

These young girls were just terrific and you just knew they practiced quite a lot!

Tiffany Xu, a friend of our hostess Joann Li of Ai Plus Gallery, our hostess.

Glen Osak was the Academic Leadership & Impact Honoree.

Audrey Chan was the Artist Awareness & Impact Honoree.

I was delighted to have artist Lynne Van Dam Cooper & her husband Carl as dinner companions. I first met Lynn at Pasadena Showcase House where we were both vendors and now friends throughout the years.

I’ll just show you dessert.

There was a marvelous Lion Dance in the Courtyard which was designed by my mentor and friend Gilbert Leong so many years ago.

Thank you, Joann, for a lovely evening!

The next day was Sunday and the Monday gardeners came by to clear up a view area.

Brilliant Emi Ferguson, Baroque Music Director of Camerata Pacifica and dear friend.

I always look forward to the Operation Walk luncheon each year for their “Angels,” held at the Annandale Golf Club. Extra fun is seeing someone wearing a Nan Rae scarf!

My birthday was the closest so I got to bring home these beautiful tulips!

Sweet Lynne, a precious friend and longtime student, came by to work with Veronica on the beautiful cards for her exhibit at the 59th Annual Sierra Madre Art Fair on May 4th & 5th. We’ll be going on the 4th, and it should be so much fun.

Work all done and Somi, the Office Dog approved!

Did I tell you one of the bears came back? I like to think of them as my friends too!!

Sweet Sandie Girl brought me a Herman Miller book stand that she can no longer use. Of course Somi had to inspect.

There are three in the studio and no more room there, so I think I’ll have Jhonny put it at the stairs landing. I have at least 20 books from this year to put in it!

Brush painting was even more fun as the subject was Wisteria and it was in bloom right outside the studio door. Although I’ve taught it many times, we ventured into expressing this wonder in a far looser manner.

New student Leigha from Colorado has been following Nan Rae Fine Art on Instagram for many years. She could come to class by stopping in Burbank on her way to teach in San Francisco.

Somi got to meet everyone and help new student Joani with her Brush painting!

It’s a joy each month to have dinner with my friend Tom Backer…I always learn so much!

I have one more thing to tell you but it’s so very special I’ll save it for my next blog. For now, I wish you every good and lovely thing.

credit: @kindnestquest on instagram

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